Jess Hunter announces candidacy as Vice President of the Sangamon Valley Radio Club

Jess Hunter (W9ABS) has announced his candidacy to run for the position of Vice President of the Sangamon Valley Radio Club (Springfield, Illinois).

Jess has been very active in the amateur radio community since becoming licensed back in 2009. He has taken a proactive role in mentoring new licensed radio operators by creating a weekly Elmer Net in Springfield on the 444.400+ (103.5) repeater, has always been willing to help new hams by answering questions and mentoring whenever called upon.

Jess is a strong supporter of information sharing and cooperation between all amateur radio operators by creating the Central Illinois Amateur Radio Facebook Group which acts as a central repository of information for amateur radio related topics throughout the Central Illinois region.

Jess also has numerous years of experience serving as a Board Member in other non-profit organizations and has worked in the Information Technology field for a successful, multi-million dollar Not-For-Profit Organization.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Jess and his goals for the Sangamon Valley Radio Club

Jess can be reached via e-mail at w9abs[at]centralillinoishams[dot]org