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ARRL EXPO and Hamvention® 2022 a Great Success

By all accounts, the 2022 Dayton Hamvention®, which also served as the 70th reunion, was a great success. Thousands of ham radio operators, their families and friends, and other enthusiasts passed through the gate during its 3-day run, May 20 - 22, at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio. Local reports estimate the event brings over $30 million dollars to the economy of ...

20th Annual ARRL Donor Recognition Reception Held in Dayton

The 20th Annual ARRL Donor Recognition Reception was held on Thursday, May 19, 2022, at The Schuster Center Wintergarden in Dayton, Ohio. Over 160 ARRL donors and their guests were in attendance. The keynote speaker for the evening was ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Minster, NA2AA. The event preceded Dayton Hamvention®, held May 20 - 22.

"What does amateur radio mean to you?" asked Minster a...

Section Manager Spring Election Results
The results of two Spring Section Manager (SM) elections were determined when the ballots were counted at ARRL Headquarters on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Because no nominations were received by the original nomination deadline of September 10, 2021, it was necessary to re-solicit nominations for Delaware SM. Joseph Grib, KI3B, a resident of Bear, Delaware was appointed Interim Delaware SM in January...
ARRL Honored by Masons in Newington, Connecticut
Freemasons of the Sequin-Level Lodge No. 140, located in Newington, Connecticut, recognized ARRL with a presentation on Thursday, April 7, 2022. The special recognition was organized and led by the Lodge's Worshipful Master, Jon Faasen, AA1EZ. Faasen is also a member of the ARRL staff, serving as a Membership Services Representative in the Membership, Marketing, and Communications Department.


The Timing Keyer
Technical Reference/Arduino/Morse Code
An open hardware and open source keyer that allows you to precisely diagnose any timing errors in your keying.
A 'Green Ghost' and a CME
A photographer trekking through Tibet has just photographed a rare 'Green Ghost' -- the afterglow of intense sprite activity over the Himalaya
Ham radio antenna bill to be paid from 911 budget
WTVB AM reports on Commissioners discussions concerning the payment of a $4,900 bill for moving amateur radio antennas in Coldwater, Michigan
Ham radio DATV article in free MagPi magazine
The June edition of the MagPi magazine features an article about amateur digital television and interviews radio amateur Dave Crump G8GKQ, who was got his licence at 14
Long-distance text communications with LoRa
Bryan Cockfield KK4CGK writes on Hackaday about using the LoRa digital mode for long-distance text communications
Results of Iceland's ham radio exam
Iceland's national amateur radio society, the IRA, reports on the amateur radio exam that was held on May 21
ARRL Membership Forum at 2022 Dayton Hamvention
Watch this ARRL video
Iambic Master
Software/Morse Code Training
Free Windows program intended to be used as a training aid for sending CW using an iambic Winkeyer from K1EL Systems. Iambic Master operates as a game. The objective of the game is to send the text in the Target box as accurately as possible.
The undead
Meet some of the oldest 'undead' spacecraft that are still going strong
AMSAT Ambassador schedules
Clint Bradford, K6CLS: Upcoming 'How to Work the 'Easy' Satellites' talks are scheduled
RSGB release Feb/March/April Board proceedings
The RSGB has released to members the Board proceedings PDF's for the meetings held in February, March and April
Saline County Emergency Management holds exercise Saturday, tests repeaters
“Amateur Radio Emergency Services — it’s a group of licensed amateurs using amateur radio frequencies to provide emergency communications,” Jack Vantrump from Carrollton said.
The Worked All Continents award
The Worked All Continents (WAC) award is sponsored by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and is issued for working and confirming all six continents
RSGB 2021 Accounts
The RSGB company accounts made up to 31 December 2021 are freely available as a PDF from the UK Gov Companies House site
Summer edition of Global Radio Guide now available
The newest version of the Global Radio Guide is out. In this 18th edition, author Gayle Van Horn discusses 'familiar players and familiar places' as the radio industry responds to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Homebrew radio telescope bags pulsar
When one mulls the possibility of detecting pulsars, to the degree that one does, thoughts turn to large dish antennas and rack upon rack of sensitive receivers, filters, and digital signal processors. But there’s more than one way to catch the regular radio bursts from these celestial beacons, and if you know what you’re doing, a small satellite dish and an RTL-SDR dongle will suffice
ESP32 CW Keyer
Technical Reference/Keyers
ESP32 portable CW Keyer with touch buttons and bluetooth interface, allows control from mobile phone and other devices, Up to 25 pre-saved messages, Variable speed from 5 to 70 wpm.
W7ASC Center for Amateur Radio Learning
C.A.R.L. is the Center for Amateur Radio Learning located within the Arizona Science Center. Our goal is to expose the thousands of visitors who visit the Arizona Science Center each year to the hobby of amateur radio.
CW Trainer for Morserino 32
Software/Morse Code Training
A multi-plaform CW-Trainer program (already tested on Windows and Linux Ubuntu, now testing on Raspberry Pi), multi-skin and it will provide different learning programs.
SARL membership invoices
The membership fees for Ordinary and Overseas members have changed from R498 to R500. All the other classes of membership have remained the same as last year
Boone County ham radio ops to connect with operators across north America
Ham radio operators from the Central Missouri Radio Association will participate in ARRL Field Day June 25 and 26, a national amateur radio exercise
Space Telecoms
Two military satellites recently exchanged more than 200 gigabits of data over a distance of about 100 kilometers using laser communication in space
Fox hunting event
All you must bring along is your family, friends, food, drinks and utensils and oh yes, a handy talkie and antenna if you will participate in the rescue of Fred and Fiona, our two radio foxes who we understand from their last garbled cell phone contact have gotten themselves horribly lost in the park and need rescuing
Kids are hams too
The Xenia Daily Gazette reports ham radio has no boundaries as there are operators all over the world, there are also no age parameters just ask 10-year-old Riley Lorang
Sherwood Tools - Rigs, Price and Satisfaction Studies
Radio Equipment/Reviews and Comparisons
A growing set of pages with tools and analyses of various elements of data elements based on Sherwood RX tests
QTC ham radio magazine available as free PDF
The May edition of the Radio Amateur Society of Australia magazine QTC is now available as a free PDF
Bilsdale TV transmitter fire caused by water in electrics
BBC News report that a fire which destroyed a TV and radio transmitter was caused by water getting into electrics at the site, an investigation has found
ICQPodcast - on the cusp of a scientific revolution?
In this episode, Martin Butler M1MRB is joined by Frank Howell K4FMH, Edmund Spicer M0MNG and Ed Durrant DD5LP to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin (M6BOY) rounds up the news in brief and in the episode's feature On the Cusp of a Scientific Revolution?
International CQ Pride contest
CQ Pride, a contest celebrating diversity in amateur radio, is right around the corner
The Sandton Tech Talk
Thursday 26 May is time for the Sandton Tech Talk. If you are interested in what is really going on overhead, then do not miss this Talk
Enabling the deployment of newer mobile technologies including 5G
Ofcom is consulting on proposed changes to certain spectrum licences held by Vodafone and Telefónica, which would allow them to deploy new technologies, including 5G


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