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Software/Radio Programming
bcTool is made to be an easy app. It helps you program, control, keep records, and set up your Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanner. With bcTool, you can: Set up all your scanner settings easily, like broadcast screens and searches. Quickly see what your scanner has been up to and what it's doing now. Bring in your programming files from other scanner software. Search for programs and get rid of any duplicates.
Reliable Emergency Power: Solar Solutions
Technical Reference/Alternative Power
In a quest for reliable emergency power, the article discusses the necessity of accessible power solutions amidst blackouts and energy crises. It introduces the American-made Merlin Panther 100-watt solar briefcase and budget-friendly LiFePO4 batteries. The setup addresses the need for modular, renewable power solutions, balancing cost-effectiveness with functionality for various scenarios. The narrative emphasizes the importance of reliable power sources in unpredictable situations.
Hostilog is a logging program for HamRadio it uses a very easy way to enter qso data without any usage of a mouse. You can enter around 300 to 400 QSOs per hour from a paper written logbook, which is really quick compared to other logging programs. Combining and sorting of ADI Files are included
IQ Output for the Elecraft KX2
Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Elecraft KX2
Adding an IQ Output to the Elecraft KX2 Transceiver
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2408
Ribbit digital text messaging mode for HF/VHF/UHF , Building a Raspberry Pi Satellite Tracker Interface, Raspberry Pi Pirate Radio, Arduino Digital Transceiver Project, M17 digital radio protocol for data and voice, HamXposition,
ARRL Audio News February 23, 2024

ARRL Audio News February 23, 2024

Former Vice Director of the ARRL Hudson Division, Bill Hudzik, W2UDT, Silent Key

Former Vice Director of the ARRL Hudson Division and ARRL Maxim Society Member William "Bill" Hudzik, W2UDT, has passed away at the age of 77.

Hudzik served as Vice Director from 2011 to 2022, and he had previously been Section Manager of the ARRL Northern New Jersey Section.  

Hudzik was first licensed in 1961 as WV2UDT, and he was active in VHF contesting at the time.  

He quickly gained a reput...

Amateur Radio Operators Needed for Help with Solar Eclipse Project

The Case Amateur Radio Club, W8EDU, the club station at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, is asking for amateur radio operators to help with a research project centered around the April 8, 2024, solar eclipse.

W8EDU club member Adam Goodman, W7OKE, said the project centers around studying the effects of the eclipse on propagation to better understand the recombination time of t...

Winter Season Section Manager Election Results

On Tuesday, February 20, at ARRL Headquarters, ballots were counted for two Section Manager elections that were conducted this winter.

ARRL members in Louisiana elected Houston Polson, N5YS, of Winnfield, to become the next Section Manager of the ARRL Louisiana Section starting on April 1, 2024. Polson received 200 votes, and incumbent Section Manager Matt Anderson, KD5KNZ, received 169 votes.  ...

Mastering Magnetic Loop Antenna Control
Antennas/Magnetic Loop
Unveil the secrets of efficient Magnetic Loop Antenna control systems, eliminating the hassle of frequent retuning. With real-time tracking and compatibility with various transceivers, including popular models from Elecraft, ICOM, Kenwood, and Yaesu, this controller ensures seamless frequency adjustment. Explore its high-resolution stepper motor and versatile communication capabilities, revolutionizing amateur radio operation.
W2LCW Long Island CW Club
Ham Radio/Clubs/North America/USA/New York
Established in 2018, the Long Island CW Club aims to revitalize Morse Code (CW) usage among amateur radio operators. Despite the FCC's removal of CW as a licensing requirement, the club observes a growing interest in learning and mastering the code. Through online video conferencing, the club offers CW training classes catering to various skill levels, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts engaged in diverse ham radio activities worldwide.
8R7X Log Online
DX Resources/Logs
8R7X Guyana 2024 online log provided by clublog
DX Resources/Clusters
Web DX Cluster provided by QRZCQ web site.
Evolution of Car Radios: From Marconi to Motorola
Operating Aids/History
his historical account traces the development of car radios from Marconi's mobile wireless telegraph station on a steam engine vehicle in 1901 to Motorola's iconic car radio models in the 1930s. It highlights key milestones such as Alfred Grebe's radio-telephone experiments on Long Island and the introduction of Marconi-Phone 8 radios by the Daimler Company in England. The narrative explores technological advancements, including the transition from TRF to Super-Heterodyne circuitry and the integration of push-button controls. The evolution from vacuum tubes to transistors and compact discs is also documented, showcasing the continuous innovation in automotive entertainment systems.
Bellevue Amateur Radio Club
Serving Nebraska's oldest city, the Bellevue Amateur Radio Club provides public service support and emergency communicaitons services to the Bellevue and Greater Omaha area.
Magnetic Loop Antenna Builds and Autotuning Advancements
Antennas/Magnetic Loop
Explore two magnetic loop antenna constructions, utilizing a 6-foot and a 12-foot square loop. Accompanied by a detailed description, the 6-foot loop features a built-in stepper motor control circuit, while the 12-foot loop incorporates a separate loop controller. Efficiency, tuning ranges, and the innovative autotuning solution using a microcontroller are discussed, offering insights into overcoming the antenna's narrowband limitations.
FISTS Log Converter
Software/Log Converters
FISTS Log Converter simplifies various tasks for amateur radio operators. It aids in tracking FISTS Awards, submitting applications, and creating logs for FISTS Activities in Europe like the Ladder and EuCW Snakes & Ladders. Users can generate callsign checklists and import logs from existing logging programs via ADIF files. Available as freeware, it runs on Windows 2000 and later versions
Software/Morse Code Training
MorsePractice is a Java application originally written by Martin Minow (K6MAM) as an aid to learning Morse code. With morse practice you can select the digits you want the app to be transmitted. Additionally can be selected a random phrase, or random QSO.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2407
Durable 2-Meter Yagi Antenna: PVC and Window Line Construction, APRS LoRa Weather Station , The CW Flea: Modern Morse Transmitter with Arduino, TxTopper QRP Amplifier, Enhancing Performance with a Cage Dipole for Six Meter Band, AI-Powered Radio Signal Cleanup: Battling QRM in Real Time, Ham Crazy, How AI will affect Ham Radio, Wave talkers: Introduction to AI in Ham Radio, AI Meets Amateur Radio
ARRL Audio News February 16, 2024

ARRL Audio News February 16, 2024

ARRL Headquarters Closed Presidents Day

ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, will be closed on Monday, February 19, 2024, in observance of Presidents Day. 

There won't be any W1AW bulletin or code practice that day. ARRL HQ will reopen on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 8 AM EST.

There are several special operating events to mark the holiday. Visit the ARRL Special Event Stations datab...

Amateur Radio as Educational Tool Represented to Policymakers in Washington DC

ARRL and Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) represented Amateur Radio at a symposium in Washington on February 1 at which the top domestic spectrum policymakers from across the federal government considered implementation of the National Spectrum Strategy (NSS) [PDF].

ARRL ensures that Amateur Radio is represented at sessions such as this so that decisionmakers understand amateur radio'...

Highlights from 2024 Orlando HamCation

Warm weather greeted the crowds of radio amateurs who attended the 2024 Orlando HamCation® from February 9 - 11. The convention hosted the ARRL Florida State Convention, but drew attendees from across the country, and some from even farther, renewing HamCation's place as the second largest US ham radio convention.

HamCation is sponsored by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club (OARC). The convention wa...

Telescopic Fiberglass Antenna Pole Support Method
Antennas/Masts and mounts
Supporting a telescopic fiberglass antenna pole for ham radio operation. Rather than cumbersome methods like using angle iron or PVC pipes, author employs lightweight tent stakes, toggles, and paracord to secure the pole effectively. With careful knot tying and simple materials, he ensures rapid deployment and stability even in windy conditions, offering a practical solution for outdoor antenna setups.
Veteran DXpedition Leader Bob Allphin, K4UEE, SK

Prolific DXpedition leader, ARRL Maxim Society member, and former Chair of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee, Robert C. “Bob” Allphin, Jr., K4UEE, has become a Silent Key. Allphin passed on February 10 at the age of 79. His early life as the son of a United States Air Force (USAF) officer sent him to many corners of the globe. That set the tenor for a life in amateur radio spent operating from far...

Errata to the 2024 - 2028 Amateur Extra-Class Question Pool Released

The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) Question Pool Committee (QPC) has released errata for the new 2024 - 2028 Element 4 Extra Class Question Pool, which goes into effect on July 1. The errata includes minor question changes, the removal of one question, and one modified graphic. These updates are reflected in the new downloadable files, dated January 31, 2024. The...

Full size 80m End Fed Half Wave Antenna
The author reflects on expanding their antenna for 80m coverage during lockdown. They extend the End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) using a Spiderbeam pole and "cheating" by dog-legging across their garden. Despite challenges, they achieve coverage for multiple bands with minimal cost. Practical Wireless features EFHW antennas, including a pre-made 20m EFHW extended for 40m.
Senators Roger Wicker and Richard Blumenthal Introduce S.3690 to Eliminate Private Land Use Restrictions on Amateur Radio

On January 30, 2024, US Senators Roger Wicker (MS) and Richard Blumenthal (CT) introduced S.3690, the Senate companion bill to H.R.4006, introduced last June. Both bills reflect the Congressional campaign efforts by ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® to eliminate homeowner association land use restrictions that prohibit, restrict, or impair the ability of an Amateur Radio Operato...

WB7DZG Western oregon radio club inc.
The Western Oregon Radio Club operates Linked Amateur Radio repeaters in the Portland Oregon Area
ShortwaveDB Map
Shortwave Radio/Broadcasters
Worldwide Map of shortwave transmitters. Based on shortwave schedule database, this website let you serarch using filters for broadcasts schedule and at the same time to diplay the transmitter map.
Software/Log Converters
LogConv is a versatile utility designed to convert Amateur Radio log files between various formats such as ADIF, Cabrillo, CT9, CT10, EQF, and TR Log. It offers both GUI and Command line versions for user convenience. LogConv normalizes QSO data, breaking it into separate fields for better visibility. Additionally, it can extrapolate geographic information from contest exchanges, aiding in awards tracking
ARRL HQ Building will be Closed on Tuesday, February 13

Due to anticipated severe winter weather, ARRL’s administrative building in Newington, Connecticut, will be closed on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, for the safety of our staff. The Headquarters lobby & store, and W1AW will be closed to visitors on Tuesday. There will be no W1AW bulletins or code practice. 

ARRL will continue to serve members during normal business hours on Tuesday. Staff from acro...

CB0ZA Online Log
DX Resources/Logs
CB0ZA Log Online for Robinson Crusoe Isl DX Pedition IOTA SA-005 via clublog
4m Tall Vertical Dipole for 20m
Antennas/20M/20 meter Vertical Antennas
Constructed in May 2008, this innovative 4m tall electrically full-size halfwave vertical dipole, tunable to multiple bands, offers HF coverage despite its space-saving design. Inspired by cost-effective DIY alternatives, the antenna design departs from conventional center-fed approaches, utilizing asymmetrical dimensions. Despite resonance challenges, the antenna's performance remains viable, boasting broad bandwidth and adaptability, as demonstrated through SWR measurements and EZNEC predictions.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2406
CQ DX World Map, Baluns and Ferrites Basics, Greencube (IO-117) Guide to Setup, Software and Operation, Baofeng UV5R TRRS Adapter, 2m Slim Jim portable antenna for SOTA, Scan and Showcase Your QSL Cards, DragonOS Focal , Tassie Scanner, LoRA Collinear Antenna, APRS via LoRa


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