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FCC to Re-Establish Technological Advisory Council, Solicits Membership Nominations

The FCC is seeking nominations for a chairperson and members of the Technological Advisory Council (TAC). In a July 21 Public Notice, the Commission announced that it intends to re-establish the TAC for 2 years, by August 20, 2021. It’s anticipated that the renewed panel could hold is first meeting in October.

The TAC provides technical advice to the FCC and makes recommendations on the issues a...

Amateur Radio Activities to be a Part of Missouri’s State Bicentennial Celebration

The Missouri First Capitol State Historic Site in St. Charles will host an amateur radio event on August 10, in association with this year’s celebration of the Missouri State Bicentennial. The original capitol building on the west bank of the Missouri River served as the state’s capitol from 1821 to 1826. The site is part of the St. Charles Historic District in the city’s Riverfront neighborhoo...

Beverage switch-box
A home made Beverage system for portable use. The goal was to switch between 4 single Beverage antennas without interfering on the other receiving stations.
Young people turn away from TV news to keep up to date online
Young people are significantly more likely to keep up with news using the internet, over TV and other sources, according to Ofcom's annual news consumption report
Rare blue auroras
Last night, lunar photons got caught in a geomagnetic substorm, producing rare blue auroras over Canada
Using Your Smartphone on Shortwave
When going to an outdoor camping trip, we will find that in many parts of the world there is no cell phone service avail able in the back country. To make matters worse, in these areas there is almost never a VHF/UHF ham radio repeater in range when we need wide-area coverage
Tracking a package using the radio signal from an Apple AirTag
Apple AirTags support Bluetooth, NFC and UWB communications, recently Essex Ham posted one to themselves to see how good the Apple tracking network actually is
Shaping the future of Ham Radio
Shaping the future of Ham Radio will be presented by Jim Alyanak K3MRI at the next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo coming August 14th and 15th
George Boorer ZL3PN SK
The Timaru-Herald newspaper reports the sad news that George Boorer ZL3PN passed away on July 4, aged 87
OK1RD Beverage Antennas
A Beverage antenna system consisting of 4 time reversible Beverage antennas in length of 320m each.
Send text messages over ham radio with the HamMessenger
Dale Thomas built HamMessenger, which is a portable device that enables users to send text messages through their ham radios
Radio infrastructure an important tool for Quesnel Search and Rescue
Communication will be running smoothly for the Quesnel Search and Rescue (QSAR) after they teamed up with the Quesnel Amateur Radio Operators Society (QAROS) to replace a radio repeater destroyed by wildfire
QSO Today - Antoine De Ramon NYeurt 3D2AG
Antoine De Ramon NYeurt, 3D2AG, is one of three hams in paradise, who holds up the CW representation from Fiji, the largest Island in the South Pacific and the second largest island in the World next to Australia
Ham radio on BBC Midlands TV
On January 3, 2021, Jim Lee G4AEH a BBC Radio 4 announcer and newsreader from Nuneaton, was interviewed about amateur radio on the BBC TV Midlands Today show
Take Your Hamshack to Outer Space
The next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo is ready to lift off on August 14-15, 2021 and we’ve loaded it with amazing speakers, content, prizes, networking, and exhibits. Anyone can attend from their home or office. Early bird discounts are now available
Ham Radio Portable Operating
The latest video from Randy Hall K7AGE covers amateur radio portable operating from the southern Oregon coast
Online talk about UK Exam Syllabus
This evening, Wednesday, July 28, Steve Hartley G0FUW is giving a Zoom talk about the 2019 Amateur Radio Exam Syllabus
ISS SSTV Aug 6-7 145.800 MHz FM
Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) are planning to transmit Slow Scan TV images on 145.800 MHz FM using the SSTV mode PD-120
Caravan Ham Radio Shack
Ham shack located in a caravan and run by solar power. This page describes VK5SW experience of converting an old, disused and rundown caravan, to a fully functional solar powered Ham Radio shack.
USB Rig Interface
Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing
This project is a USB Audio, Serial and PTT interface for rigs that does not directly support digital modes provided by applications such as FLDIGI, WSJT-X and JS8CALL. Plug these interface devices into your Windows or Linux laptop or Raspbian Raspberry Pi and you can send and receive digital tones to/from your rig and automate the frequency and mode control and PTT control.
IRTS News broadcast on 4 metre band
The East Leinster Amateur Radio Club, EI0EL, having successfully completed their monthly pilot of the IRTS News Broadcast on 4 Metres continue their monthly broadcasts
New licensing proposals to support satellite broadband sector
Ofcom has published proposals to change the way it licenses certain satellite systems. A number of new satellite broadband networks are currently being developed, which use Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO) systems to connect people to the internet – particularly those in hard-to-reach areas
Satellite presentation for YOUR Club
The AMSAT Ambassador program brings the excitement of working amateur radio satellites to YOUR club!
QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Build-a-thon kits
Rex Harper, W1REX, called the Expo office to remind us that if you want to participate in his two 'build-a-thons' at the Expo, your kits need to be ordered immediately to have them in time for the Expo weekend
Phones, Fires and Failures
Phones, Fires and Failures will be presented by Alan Thompson W6WN at the next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo coming August 14th and 15th
AM1SAT International Award
From September 13-19 AM1SAT will be active on the amateur radio satellites from a number of locations in Spain, diplomas will be available for contacting the stations
Listen to the SARL Hamnet weekly audio report transmitted on Amateur Radio Mirror International Sundays at 10 CAT Sunday
Automatic Position Reporting System for HF
Operating Modes/APRS
A basic introductionto APRS on HF Bands for radioamateurs and how to setup an APRS tracker using Argent Data Systems T3 Mini TNC device, configured and assemble ready for portable operations.
Ham radio station at American Legion's yard sale
Al Sirois, N1MHC and NNA1AS will offer to send free National Traffic System messages to any USA, Canadian and some other countries on Saturday, Aug. 7 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., at the American Legion Post 36, 25 Industrial Park Road, Boothbay
160m - Activity in Brazil (PY) in the last two weekends of August
I would like to advise all hams around the world to an intense activity in all bands, 80 and 160 meters in particular, on the last two weekends of the month of August due to the CVA Contest
Ham radio to aid in cyclone relief in the Sunderbans
The Hindu newspaper reports local youth in the Sunderbans are being given amateur radio training to assist in disaster preparedness
Transatlantic Cable Anniversary
As part of the anniversary celebrations of the Transatlantic Cable on Tuesday 27th July, between Valentia Cable station and the Hearts Content Cable station in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the Kerry Amateur Radio Group EI1K will continue the tradition of making HF QSO's with their friends at VO1TAC (TransAtlanticCable)
First Capitol Amateur Radio activation
In association with the August 2021 celebration of the Missouri State Bicentennial (, there will be a first-ever amateur radio activation of Missouri's First Capitol State Historic Site on August 10th
IRA resolve 2.4 GHz TX issue and contact St Helena
Iceland's national amateur radio society, the IRA, have resolved the issue with their 2.4 GHz transmitter and TF3IRA is now active on the QO-100 geostationary satellite
Irish Radio Transmitters Society statement
The IRTS Committee is extremely disappointed with a Facebook post during the week referencing Committee member resignations


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