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MorseExpert for Android
Morse Code Decoder for Android based on the algorithms implemented in CW Skimmer. Morse Expert decodes Morse Code audio to text. It is optimized for decoding weak, fading signals in the presence of interference, especially on the Amateur Radio bands. The input audio might come either from the built-in microphone or from another device, such as a radio receiver.
On Saturday, we published a link to a video which appeared to show a defunct Russian satellite making a fiery return to earth. This reminded me of the opening scenes of a short sci-fi film about ham radio that we published in April last year
WIA announces new Club Coordinator
Peter Schrader, WIA Director VK4EA writing on WIA Front Page News tells how Angelo Giuffre VK2NWT is our new WIA Club Coordinator
Radio industry calls for government protection from smart assistants
The Guardian newspaper asks: Could Alexa kill the radio star? The government is considering introducing legislation to ensure that Amazon and other tech companies do not abuse their growing power over UK airwaves
Court upholds strata ban of 11-metre radio antenna
BC (British Columbia) Supreme Court has upheld a Surrey strata council's ban on a suite owner building a 11-metre amateur radio antenna on a patio
High school students learn how to use ham radio
Students at Central Medford High School practiced how to communicate on the Amateur Radio Emergency Service while taking in the international Great American ShakeOut, an earthquake preparedness exercise
Contest 2x1 Callsign - Wrap Up
Wednesday, 13 October 2021 at 10am will be remembered by many VK contesters as Frenzy Day
JOTA in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
The Searchlight reports on Scout amateur radio activities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines during the recent Jamboree on the air
AM radio ‘flutter’
John Dunn writing for EDN describes the cause of flutter on AM broadcast signals
Radio ham restores emergency comms system
The Hindu reports radio amateur Shibu George has rejuvenated a radio communications system for disaster management
The National CW Speed Week
The National CW Speed Week started at 04:00 UTC (06:00 CAT) this morning Sunday 24 October and will end at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CAT) on Saturday 30 October 2021
QSO Today - Andy Mitchell - VA3CW
Andy Mitchell, VA3CW, as an eleven year old Boy Scout, participated with his small troop in Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air, in 1974. This exposure changed the course of Andy’s life, profession, and interests
ARRL Audio News - October 22, 2021
ARRL Audio News - October 22, 2021
Magnetic Loop for 20 meters band
A magnetic loop antenna designed for 14 MHz. This kind of antennas is also known as STL, small transmitting loop and can be an excellent solution when you are not allowed to put antennas on your roof
20 years ago, a severe geomagnetic storm
20 years ago today, two CMEs hit Earth's magnetic field
New EMF Regulation: QO-100 satellite / Microwave operation
BATC has released a video of an online talk given by Ian GM3SEK and Peter G4SDE on EMF calculations for Microwaves and QO-100 satellite operations
WSJT-X version 2.5.1 released
The development team have announced the General Availability (GA) release of WSJT-X version 2.5.1.
ARDC Grants to Fund Amateur Radio Project Expansions

Two recent Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) grants will benefit the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club (SBARC), K6TZ, and Oregon HamWAN.

A $35,550 grant will enable SBARC to construct an amateur radio station at the new Chrisman California Islands Center (CCIC) in downtown Carpinteria, California, at the invitation of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation (SCIF). According to Levi Maaia, K6L...

Remote SDR - SDR Control
Software/Radio Control
Remote SDR is a web application allowing to remotely control an amateur radio transceiver between 1 MHz and 6 GHZ. It allows processing of Adalm-Pluto SDR in addition to HackRF or RTL-SD Reception in NBFM, WBFM, AM in addition to SSB Transmission in NBFM or SSB and more
UK EI Contest
The next UKEI CC contest will be the 24 hour International DX SSB Contest on next weekend, October 23rd and 24th, followed by the monthly one hour CW contest on Wednesday October 27th
Approval of Phone-Paid Services Authority’s new code of practice
Ofcom has today approved a new edition of the Phone-paid Services Authority’s code of practice for regulating premium rate services
Ham radios to the rescue in rain-hit Kerala
The district administration here has sought the service of Ham radio operators to coordinate disaster relief operations in case the communication system gets cut off due to any rain-related incident
45 million people targeted by scam calls and texts this summer
Almost 45 million people have been on the receiving end of potential scam texts or calls in the last three months, new Ofcom research reveals
Enthusiast built radio telescope in back garden
The Derby Telegraph reports on radio enthusiast Kenneth Stevens who in 1959 produced a radio picture of the Milky Way from his home
Centenary of Argentina's national amateur radio society
IARU Region 2 President, Ramón Santoyo XE1KK, has congratulated the Radio Club Argentino on its centennial
Technician License Training Course Added to ARRL’s YouTube Channel

ARRL’s YouTube channel, ARRLHQ, has launched a series of amateur radio Technician-class license courses. This series of videos features Dave Casler, KE0OG, QST’s “Ask Dave” columnist, who leads viewers through The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. These videos supplement the manual and provide an overview of the sections you’ll be studying, along with a few videos on how things work. Share this ex...

Yasme Foundation Board Announces Grant, Award

The Yasme Foundation Board of Directors has announced that it will be giving a grant to the Seychelles Amateur Radio Association (SARA) to establish a facility for its recently formed (2018) amateur radio club.

The Yasme Foundation also announced that Steve Babcock, VE6WZ, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the latest recipient of its Excellence Award. This honor is presented to individuals and gro...

November QST Article Celebrates Centenary of the Beverage Antenna

The November issue of QST includes the article, “The Beverage Antenna, 100 Years Later,” by Ward Silver, N0AX, and Frank Donovan, W3LPL. The famous receiving antenna, designed and patented in 1921 by Harold Beverage, W2BML, remains popular for the low bands as increasing sunspot activity in Solar Cycle 25 leads to weaker signals on 160 and 80 meters. The article explains the Beverage antenna’s ...

Homebrew GPS tracker
Operating Modes/GPS
It is easy today to build a GPS tracking system for mobile applications that can be adapted to your needs. In fact, it is more accurate to speak of a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) tracker, a term which encompasses the 4 positioning systems or satellite constellations.
New CQ World Wide Youth Category to Debut October 30 – 31

UN Day Transmission from Sweden’s SAQ Set for October 24

On United Nations Day, Sunday, October 24, the vintage and historical Alexanderson alternator in Grimeton, Sweden, with call sign SAQ, is scheduled to send out a message to the world on 17.2 kHz CW. The events of the day will be livestreamed on YouTube starting at 14:25 UTC. Transmitter startup and tuning will begin at 1430 UTC, with the message transmission to follow at 1500 UTC.

This year’s me...

Harold Smith, KE6TI, Wins the October 2021 QST Cover Plaque Award

ARRSM San Marino
Associazione Radioamatori Repubblica di San Marino
Half-Length Dipoles for 40 Meters
Antennas/40M/40 meter Dipole Antennas
Complete collection of the four main parts of this excellet research on modelling and designing half wave dipole antennas for 40 meters band, covering all aspects beginning from full wave length antennas, to shortened, loaded and reshaped dipoles
AMSAT-UK Online Colloquium Sunday Oct 24
The AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium will be held as an online Zoom Webinar on Sunday, October 24. You don’t have to be a member of AMSAT-UK to attend, and the event is free


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