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SatNOGS Satellites List
Operating Modes/Satellites
SatNOGS DB is an effort to create an hollistic, unified, global database for all artificial objects in space (satellites and spacecrafts). You can view and export the data, contribute to it, or even connect your application using API.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2231
40m center loaded vertical antenna, Coax Dipole for 2 meters band, 20m 30m 40m Bandpass Filters, SteppIR UrbanBeam Review, QTHnow, VA6AM Contesting Accessories, ANjo Antennen
ARRL Audio News September 23, 2022

PE0SAT Satellite Frequency List
Operating Modes/Satellites
An online reference table with Satellite information including current status, uplink and downlink frequencies.
Biggleswade Swapmeet and Auction
Vintage radio auction and indoor rally on Sunday
NASA to provide live coverage of Space Station crew activities
Three cosmonauts living aboard the International Space Station are set to return to Earth Thursday, Sept. 29
Remote examination invigilators wanted
The RSGB is looking for more volunteers to act as remote examination invigilators
WIA say AX prefix use is illegal
Australia's WIA have said the use by some stations of the AX prefix to commemorate the death of Queen Elizabeth II is illegal
Amateur Radio Operators Track Hurricane Fiona

The National Hurricane Center (NHC), the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN), the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Hurricane Net, and the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) all have been engaged in tracking Hurricane Fiona.

Amateur radio operators have been reporting weather conditions since Monday, September 19, 2022, and have received positive feedback on their assistance. The VoIP ...

Vertical Antenna Wavelength Vs Performance
Antennas/Theory/Antenna Gain
This article on basic antenna theory explains why is a 5/8 wavelength vertical antenna better than a 1/4 wavelength antenna
Blocking Dynamic Range in Receivers
Technical Reference/Receivers
An explanation of the different procedures and definitions that are commonly used for blocking dynamic range (BDR) measurements. Dynamic range in general is the ratio between the weakest signal a system can handle and the strongest signal the same system can handle simultaneously without an operator switching attenuators or turning volume potentiometers
Ofcom to probe cloud, messenger and smart-device markets
Ofcom is to examine the position of Amazon, Microsoft and Google in cloud services, as part of a new programme of work to ensure that digital communications markets are working well for people and businesses in the UK
ZS SOTA, ZSFF and Heritage Spring Day
The ZS SOTA, ZSFF and Heritage Spring Day will be on Saturday 24 September (National Braai Day and Heritage Day)
IRTS Treasurer's announcement
The IRTS Treasurer David Gardiner (EI3IXB) has emailed all members who pay their membership fees by using Direct Debit from their Ulster Bank and KBC accounts
Sweden: Strengthening EMC oversight
The Swedish Electrical Safety Authority has received money for more information and supervision of the EMC problem
Mangata application for satellite licensing
Ofcom has received an application from Mangata for an Earth Station Network Licence for their Mangata Networks satellite constellation
Is Your House Bugged?
Here we explore how a current loop microphone can provide audio surveillance at low cost and high fidelity
US female radio amateur in running for ITU top job
The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference which takes place in Bucharest, Romania from 26 th Sept. – 14 th Oct. during which, amongst other items, the International Telecommunication Union’s top executives are elected
NASA astronaut Frank Rubio, crewmates arrive safely at Space Station
NASA astronaut Frank Rubio and two cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station Wednesday, bringing its number of residents to 10 for the coming week
Clarksville American Legion Post 289 to host Scouting Jamboree on the Air
Jamboree-on-the-Air, or JOTA, is the largest Scouting event in the world. It is held annually on the third full weekend in October
Videos from Digital Communications Conference 2022
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Radio Packet), ARRL and ARDC (Amateur Radio Development Corporation) held the Digital Communications Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sept 16-18
John Portune, W6NBC, and Jim Bailey, W6OEK, Win the August 2022 QST Cover Plaque Award

Double BiQuad Antenna for 2.6 GHz
This is basic instructions for homemade 4G Antenna working on 2600 MHz UMTS featuring 13 14 dBi gain. This antenna is desigend to resonate on microwave frequencies in two segments from 2500 to 2570 MHz for Uplink, and from 2620 to 2690 MHz for Downlink.
SA Heritage Day
The legacy and history of South African Electrical Engineering innovations have been carefully curated for our current and future generations to learn, enjoy and come to appreciate the significant contribution to society of some of the giants of our field in years past
NASA TV coverage for crewed Soyuz Mission to Space Station
NASA will provide live coverage of key events as a NASA astronaut and two cosmonauts launch and dock to the International Space Station on Wednesday, Sept. 21
Open Day Special Event - Paisley
On Saturday 17th September 2022, the Paisley Amateur Radio Club operated a Special Event Station as part of Renfrewshire's historic buildings Doors Open Day
Lincoln County is 'ready' for anything
The 2022 Get Ready Lincoln County emergency preparedness event was a wealth of information for those seeking how to prepare and plan for disaster
British Columbia FM Communications Association
Amateur Radio organization specializing in VHF, UHF, and microwave communications.
Battery Charger for Hand Held Radio Battery Packs
Technical Reference/Batteries/Battery Charger
This is a handy little charger that can provide a charging current of up to 120 mA continuously for batteries in the range up to 12 volts. The supply is housed in a small plastic enclosure 90 x 55 x 32 mm.
The SDR Club
The Serious SDR Users Site
Explaining ARRL Radio Tech Reviews
Radio Equipment/Reviews and Comparisons
Explaining ARRL Technical Reviews of Radios a brief tutorial on radio testing. The ARRL Lab tests radio equipment according to standardized test procedures, using calibrated professional test equipment. Info on transmitter and receiver tests
Solar flare quiets a quarter of the globe
In the 'old' days, people were used to the idea that radio communication isn't always perfect
Class Foxtrot
The National Short Wave Listeners Club (NSWLC) would like to announce a new HAREC online training course
West Allis Amateur Radio Club aims to generate interest in ham radio
Milwaukee radio amateurs are holding Park Ops meet up at a park in the area to generate interest in the hobby
Solar Panels: Brazilian radio hams at EMC Workshop
On Tuesday, September 13, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Workshop held by Inmetro took place within the framework of the Technical Commission for the Evaluation of Photovoltaic Systems Conformity, of which LABRE is a very active member


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