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ARRL Foundation Accepting Applications for Grants in February

The ARRL Foundation is now accepting applications for grants to amateur radio organizations. The grants program awards limited funding to organizations for eligible amateur radio-related projects and initiatives, particularly those with a focus in educating, licensing, and supporting amateur radio activities. Youth-based projects and initiatives are especially encouraged. The ARRL Foundation gr...

Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service
Here you will be able to access all of the information regarding our amateur radio disaster relief communications organization, its divisions and volunteer members
Radioclub, Clubstation, Conteststation
3Y0J Log Online
DX Resources/Log Analysis
3Y0J Club log Log Online page for Bouvet Island DXPedition 2023. Logs will be uploaded when conditions will permit.
Diamond V2000a Antenna
Triband Base Antenna for 6m 2m 70cm bands.
2m to 70cm Transverter Circuit
Technical Reference/Transverters
A 70cm / 432 MHz Transverter Project transverter circuit is an electronic device that converts a radio signal from the 2 meter to the 70 centimeter band and vice versa, allowing a single transmitter/receiver to be used for both bands. It consists of an IF stage, local oscillator, frequency multiplier, and amplifier. The circuit must be designed for minimal signal loss, noise and intermodulation distortion.
Phased Array Antennas
Phased array antennas are composed of multiple individual antenna elements that can have their phase and amplitude controlled to steer the main beam direction in real-time. They are used in radar, communications, and electronic warfare, and offer improved gain and reduced side lobes. A comprehensive document on Phased Arrays include techniques to increase the Antenna Gain and change the Radiation Pattern
Hamilton county police scanner frequencies
Radio Scanning/Scanner Frequencies
Scanner Frequencies for Chattanooga / Hamilton County. Chattanooga Police Talkgroups, Chattanooga Fire / Rescue Talkgroups, Chattanooga City Services Talkgroups, police, Hamilton County Sheriff Talkgroups
Yaesu introduces the new FTM-500D Series
FTM-500D Series 50W C4FM/FM 144/430MHz, Dual Band Digital Mobile Transceiver.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2306
WinRFCalc Free Windows RF Calculator, Learning Morse Code by the Koch Method, USA Amateur Radio Repeaters, County-Hunting Mapper, Aerial Printing Concepts, GW4ARC Rhyl and District Amateur Radio Club,
Leadership Changes in ARRL Atlantic Division

The ARRL Atlantic Division has new leadership. Tom Abernethy, W3TOM, who had served as an ARRL Director, representing the Atlantic Division since 2015, stepped down on January 6, 2023.

(left to right) ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, recognized Bob Famiglio, K3RF, and Marty Pittinger, KB3MXM, as the new Director and Vice Director, respectfully, of the Atlantic Division during the ARRL Board o...

ARRL Audio News February 3, 2023

ARRL Audio News February 3, 2023

Sound Card Packet
Operating Modes/Packet Radio/Beginner's Guide
This amateur radio website explains how to use the free AGWPE utility program to send and receive packet data using the sound card of your PC. Note that AGWPE is a Windows-only program. This website, which is hosted on SV2AGW's web site, focuses on support for the sound card packet features of AGWPE.
The Weird Antenna Wire End Effect
A half wave wire that is tuned for resonance on 80m will NOT be resonant on 40m despite a precise harmonic relationship between the two bands. The End Effect is caused by a capacitive coupling between an unterminated wire end and the ground.
40 dB Tap Attenuator
Technical Reference/Attenuators
A 40 dB tap attenuator taht need only dissipate 2.3 watts, while delivering the same 0.02 watts to the input sensor.
N7GDE The Radio Amateurs of Skagit County
The Radio Amateurs of Skagit County is a service organization. Dedicated to promote amateur radio, provide communications support for other organizations, and encourage visitors interested in Ham Radio
3Y0J Bouvet DXpedition Web Site
DX Resources/DX Peditions/2023 DXpeditions
DX Pedition to the Bouvet Island official web site featuring all latest news and updates from the most remote uninhabited place on Earth
CubeSats and FUNcube
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
RSGB page dedicated to CubeSats and FunCube satellites used by radioamateurs
7P8WW Lesotho
DX Resources/DX Peditions/2023 DXpeditions
Lesotho DX Pedition January 26 - February 4, 2023
The Q900 SDR is a compact and versatile all band, all mode transceiver, designed for amateur radio use. It covers a wide range of frequencies from 160 meters to 70 centimeters, and supports multiple modes of operation such as SSB, CW, AM, FM, and digital. It has a compact design and intuitive interface
NASA Cubsat Blog
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
A blog that provides news and updates about CubeSats, as well as information about CubeSat-related events and projects.
The CubeSat Database
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
A website that provides information about CubeSats, including the CubeSats' mission, frequencies, and status.
CubeSat 101
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
A free PDF from NASA about cubesat. Basic Concepts and Processes for First-Time CubeSat Developers. A great introduction document dedicated to Cubseat developers.
Shopping and Services/Microwave
This is a website that sells CubeSat components and kits, including solar panels, batteries, and radios.
The CubeSat Simulator
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
This website provides a free, web-based CubeSat simulation tool for testing and evaluating CubeSat designs.
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
This website provides information and resources for CubeSat developers, including a directory of CubeSat projects and a forum for discussing CubeSat-related topics. The CubeSat standard facilitates frequent and affordable access to space with launch opportunities available on most launch vehicles.
Operating Modes/Satellites/CubeSats
This website provides kits, parts, and resources for building and launching CubeSats for amateur radio use.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2305
What is Horn Antenna, Award Secretary, The Wanted Alive, TL8AA TL8ZZ DX Pedition, BUREAU_ALL_QRZ_COM for Logger32, T33T Log Online, Connecticut CW Club,
ARRL Audio News January 27, 2023

ARRL Audio News January 27, 2023

Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club to Celebrate 100 Years

The Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club, W0EEE, at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), is gearing up for an early celebration of their 100 years. Club President Morgan Lyons, KI5SXY, said the station first went on the air in 1923 as the M.S.M Radio Club, broadcasting basketball games from the Jackling Gym on the grounds of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy (MSM)....

W4SHL Shelby County Amateur Radio Club
W4SHL amateur radio club in Shelby County
Scout Activities - Amateur radio
Ham Radio/Clubs/Scouting
Radio Scouting at the Scout Association England UK. What to expect and What you will learn, Fun facts, Handy hints
Mobile App Available to Navigate 2023 Orlando HamCation

Orlando HamCation® is February 10 - 12, 2023, and hosts the ARRL Southeastern Division Convention. In partnership with HamCation, ARRL's free mobile app is available to help attendees navigate the large event, which is held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Park.

The free ARRL Events app is now available and already includes HamCation's full program, so attendees can browse and schedul...

Yaesu Radios Donated to ARRL to Inspire Visitors and Young Hams

There are two new Yaesu transceivers in use at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut. They arrived via a generous donation from Yaesu USA.

The Yaesu FTDX101MP transceiver is a welcome addition to Studio 1 in W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station.

The company has donated an FTDX101MP and FTDX10, both HF/50 MHz transceivers. In arranging the donation, Yaesu Vice President, Sales and Cr...

Magnetic Loop 600 KHz-4MHz
Antennas/Magnetic Loop
The antenna is built on a cross-shaped frame with spar width (and height) of 48 inches, providing a height of 52 inches and a width of 49 inches. This antenna costs only about $45 to construct and can be built in just a few hours using simple hand tools. The best part is that the performance on 160M and 80M is excellent


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