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36- 70 of 1989 News Items
RAFAC Exercise Blue Ham 20-2
The Royal Air Force Air Cadets are pleased to announce that back by demand the next Exercise Blue Ham will be held on the MoD 5MHz (Shared) Band over the weekend of 6 and 7th June 20
Ham College 64
Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 3 Rules pertaining to automatic and remote control; band-specific regulations; operating in, and communicating with foreign countries; spurious emission standards; HF modulation index limit; bandwidth definition
New booking system for online amateur radio exams now available
The RSGB has announced that bookings for online Foundation exams, that people can take in their own homes, resumes today, Monday, June 1
IARU-R2 Workshop videos available
IARU Region 2 (IARU-R2) is hosting workshops covering different facets of amateur radio
Temporary rule waivers announced for 2020 ARRL/AMSAT Field Days
ARRL Programs and Services Committee (PSC) has adopted two temporary rule waivers for the 2020 ARRL Field Day to adjust for Covid-19 restrictions. An AMSAT parallel event is held at the same time, and the rules for that have been adjusted, as well
GB100MZX Dame Nellie Melba Centenary
Members of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society will be on-the-air June 13-20 using the Special Event callsign GB100MZX to celebrate the centenary of the broadcast by Dame Nellie Melba
Submit your response to Ofcom EMF consultation Now
The new RSGB EMF consultation response guide notes the impacts of Ofcom's proposal upon Amateur Radio will be disproportionate to the related risks of harm
These people are in power!
For only £339 you too can shield yourself from "harmful" 5G "radiation", the BBC reports
Balloons with APRS Payloads to Race Across North America in Educational Challenge

Radio Amateur, Fellow Astronaut Headed to Space Station after Historic Launch

A radio amateur is one of two NASA astronauts headed to the International Space Station (ISS) following a May 30 launch of a SpaceX rocket that marked the return of human spaceflight to US soil for the first time in almost a decade. The Saturday launch from Cape Kennedy also marked the first time humans traveled aloft via a commercial spacecraft.

Astronauts Bob Behnken, KE5GGX, and Doug Hurley h...

Drive-in ham radio exams in California
The ARRL reports that Volunteer Examiners (VE) in California have carried out a successful drive-in amateur radio exam session and more are planned
ATMega328 SSB SDR For Ham Radio
Danie Conradie writes for Hackaday about an amateur radio ATMega328 SSB SDR developed by Guido PE1NNZ
NHS supporting 'Get on the air to care' campaign
Pete Gordon, Head of Emergency Care Improvement in the Emergency Care Improvement Support Team (ECIST) explains how delighted the NHS is to be partnering with the RSGB in the successful 'Get on the air to care' #GOTA2C campaign
ESA invites proposals for lunar lander mission in late 2020's
Development of Europe’s first ever lunar lander was agreed upon by ESA Member States in 2019 and now ESA is seeking your ideas for science and robotic missions on the Moon, Andy, G0SFJ is going to propose an amateur radio mission, using low signal technology in an amateur band
New RSGB Online exam remote invigilation FAQ
The RSGB have released a new version of the Online exam remote invigilation FAQ PDF which covers the new automated exam booking system that will be available on Monday, June 1
Amazing opening on 144 MHz from Cape Verde Islands to Poland
On Friday the 29th of May 2020, there was an extensive Sporadic-E opening across Europe which reached as high as 144 MHz allowing stations across the continent to make many fine contacts
ARRL Audio News - May 29, 2020
ARRL Audio News - May 29, 2020
Social Distancing Exam Sessions Demonstrate Pent-Up Demand for Testing

A recent in-person “social-distancing” amateur radio exam session in Indiana and a “drive-in” session in California are representative of those that are relieving some of the pent-up demand for testing. As the COVID-19 pandemic lumbers on, in-person exam sessions have begun to resume across the US and elsewhere in the world.

“With in-person sessions starting up again around the country, we are h...

OK1RR DX & Contesting Page
Almost a fresh QSL manager Database, Country Tables for YPLOG by VE6YP (updated monthly), Additional files for the TRLoog by N6TR. Technical topics for HF Contesting (mostly CW), software download (a huge collection)
Radio licensing centre
UK radio licensing resource
Meinberg NTP for Windows
Meinberg NTP software to sync your computer clock. NTP client package with IPv4 IPv6 support for Windows XP and newer.
IC7300BKT Icom IC-7300 CAT Control
Software/Radio Control
Windows PC control program for the Icom IC-7300 transceiver. Power-on and Power-off by software BktNetInterface for JTDX and WSJT-X, audio recording, memory management, cw keyer management, Interface for other software
New FT8 Frequencies with WSJ-X 2.2.0-Rc2
WSJT-X development team has added a second set of suggested dial frequencies for FT8 on three HF bands and also on 6 meters.
ACMA Amateur Radio Fact Sheet
Australia's communications regulator, the ACMA, has produced a Fact Sheet for amateur radio
Five new radio amateurs in Bergen
Despite the Coronavirus outbreak five candidates in the Norwegian town of Bergen successfully passed the 40 question amateur radio exam for their 1 kW CEPT Class 1 licence, a pass rate of 83%
Another amateur radio COVID-19 initiative
IARU Region 1 reports the Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) cordially invites radio amateurs around the world you to join them in a global special event featuring their STAYHOME campaign and its radio activity that will be held June 6-7
Mid-Altitude ham radio balloon race planned for June
Students in three Space Station Explorer teams will participate in exciting distance learning
IARU Region 2 Executive Committee meets
The IARU Region 2 Executive Committee held its quarterly meeting in May via video conference
Register now for free Amateur Radio Foundation Online training course
The next free amateur radio Foundation Online training course run by volunteers from Essex Ham starts on Sunday, June 7
Temporary Rule Waivers Announced for 2020 ARRL Field Day

Global COVID-19 Radio Event Set for June 6 – 7

Rocky Mountain Vice Director Resigns to Accept Appointment as Colorado Section Manager

ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Vice Director Robert Wareham, N0ESQ, has stepped down from that post to accept appointment as Colorado Section Manager. Wareham would succeed veteran Colorado SM Jack Ciaccia, WM0G, who resigned effective on June 1 after serving since 2011.

“Jack will be moving to the East Coast to be closer to family, and I wish him only the best as he transitions to this next phase...

Fox River Radio League
Ham radio operators serving the Greater Fox Valley Area since 1924
W4CVY Columbus Amaterur Radio Club
Located in Columbus, Georgia
Noctilucent clouds are intensifying
The first noctilucent clouds (NLCs) of northern summer have arrived--and they're better than expected


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