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Florida broadcasts Ukraine war news on shortwave
CBS News reports a farm in central Florida has become one of the largest shortwave radio operations in the world
Ham Radio operators on the air for nationwide ARRL Field Day Event
Top Band QSO Party
The West Rand ARC would like to invite all radio amateurs to take part in the SARL Top Band QSO Party from 8 to 12 June
Radio amateurs assist after hotel gas explosion
Cuban radio amateurs assisted in the aftermath of the gas explosion on May 6 at the Saratoga Hotel, Havana
Spy Numbers Recordings
Shortwave Radio/Numbers stations
From the sortwave radio audio archive, a collection of recordings of several spy numbers stations, russian, spanish, cuban audio recordings
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2217
Big Wheel Antenna for VHF , Making Sense of Solar Indices, Six meter Hentenna, SDRangel, The SPC Tuner, E-field Probe Antenna, WebSDR in Andorra
Lenoir Amateur Radio Club to host Field Day
The Lenoir Amateur Radio Club (LARC) is hosting a Field Day at Mulberry Recreation Center in Lenoir on Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26. LARC's Field Day is part of an annual nationwide emergency communications event
A happy family reunion at Helsinki airport May 16, 2022
The well-known DXpeditioner Alex, UT5UY has reunited with his family in Finland
Faster internet speeds on offer to millions of UK households
Gigabit broadband is available to 66% (19.3 million) of all UK homes – up from 37% a year ago – according to Ofcom’s Connected Nations Spring update, which has just been published
Announcing: 2022 Inductees to the CQ Amateur Radio and Contesting Halls of Fame
Dave Pascoe, KM3T, and Craig Thompson, K9CT, Inducted into CQ Contest Hall of Fame; seven new members added to CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
Marconi exhibition in Chelmsford showcases early broadcasting history
BBC News reports that an exhibition celebrating the inventor of radio and the world's first purpose-built radio factory opens next month
Brush up on your Hamvention history
WDTN Ohio reports the 2022 Dayton Hamvention, the world’s largest annual amateur radio gathering, is celebrating its 70th anniversary
School ham radio club responds to IARU-R1's request
SARL reports the youth-based Jeugland Amateur Radio Club have responded to the IARU Region 1 request for game-changing ideas which could lead to more licensed radio amateurs
Burnham Beeches Radio Club
Home site of the burnham beeches radio club
Attenuator control
Technical Reference/Attenuators
An attenuator is needed for example, to generate defined levels starting from a reference level. With this attenuator control a measuring instrument can be calibrated.
RSGB review of 2021
The RSGB has published a review of 2021 on its website and have released on YouTube a standalone version of the RSGB President’s AGM review
Technology neutral licences for phone companies
Ofcom and the RSGB developed the successful technology neutral amateur radio licence in 2006. Now Ofcom is proposing making mobile phone company licences technology neutral
Hackaday: RIP John Birkett, Part vendor extraordinaire
Jenny List G7CKF writes on Hackaday about John Birkett G8OPP who passed away on April 30 aged 93
RSGB Commonwealth Games activities
The Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham later this summer. It will see around 4,500 athletes from 72 nations and territories, compete in 19 sports across 14 competition venues
Radio hams mill about at John O'Groats
The John O'Groat Journal reports members of the Caithness Amateur Radio Society (CARS) took part in a contact event May 7-8 in the British mainland's most northerly mill at John O'Groats
RSGB Jubilee activities
It isn’t long now until the RSGB’s Platinum Jubilee activities kick off
QSO Today Bruce Prior, N7RR
Bruce Prior, N7RR, loves to operate SOTA in Washington State’s great outdoors where he has cataloged for SOTA all of the available mountain peaks in the state
ARRL Audio News May 20, 2022

Arduino Morse Code Trainer
Technical Reference/Arduino/Morse Code
How to build a Simplified Arduino CW Trainer, this is a version that does not need a keyboard.
Founders' Trophy award
Chairman of the ARRL RF Safety Committee Gregory D. Lapin, N9GL, Ph.D., P.E., will receive an award at the 2022 Dayton Hamvention from the Radio Society of Great Britain
Man over-board
The NRRL News Bulletin details how a Norwegian radio amateur helped a sailor to be rescued
AMSAT-UK Space Colloquium
AMSAT-UK is very happy to announce the 2022 AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium will be held as part of the RSGB Convention on October 8-9 at the Kents Hill Park Conference Centre, Timbold Drive, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ
4U, ITU Geneva
The sporadic operating from 4U1ITU will continue until June 3u
Franklin Antonio, N6NKF, SK
Phil Karn, KA9Q writes: Last night I got the sad news that Franklin Antonio, N6NKF, one of the founders of Qualcomm and my boss for most of my 20 years there, has passed away
NSWLC membership and activities
The National Short Wave Listeners Club has 83 members. Our weekly Zoom Sunday Socials continue to be popular with an average attendance of 35-40 members
Paper Published: Deep space reception of Tianwen-1 by AMSAT-DL using GNU radio
This paper by Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ, Mario Lorenz DL5MLO and Peter Gülzow DB2OS describes the reception of the Tianwen-1 Chinese Mars mission carried out by AMSAT-DL with the 20 meter antenna at Bochum Observatory (Germany)
AMSAT-UK Colloquium 2022 – Call for speakers
This is the first call for speakers for the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium 2022 which takes place in Milton Keynes on October 8-9
UR5KBW Mykhaylo
ur5kbw personal page with log, station info
K1KKM Pentucket Radio Association.
A public service amateur radio club. Haverhill, Massachusetts
Personal page with iota and contest info


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