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Opening up more spectrum for satellite services
Ofcom is proposing to allow satellite operators to access more spectrum so they can provide a wider range of broadband services, including in hard-to-reach areas
Khalsa Television Limited has surrendered its licence
Khalsa Television Limited has chosen to surrender its licence. This means it is no longer licensed to operate the KTV channel which served the Sikh community in the UK
Fidelity Amateur Radio Club to participate in Field Day
Ham radio operators from the Fidelity Amateur Radio Club of Rhode Island will be participating in a national amateur radio exercise from 2:00pm on Saturday until 2:00pm on Sunday, June 25 - 26
Successful Morse code day in Open Air Museum Arnhem
VERON reports on June 12, radio amateurs gave information and demonstrations about 'Morse code as a means of communication' to the public of the Open Air Museum Arnhem
ARRL Audio News June 17, 2022u

2022 W1AW and K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule

W1AW and Maritime Radio Historical Society station K6KPH will transmit at various times the official W1AW Field Day Bulletin using CW, Phone, and various digital modes.

The 2022 W1AW and K6KPH Field Day Bulletin Schedule is as follows:

Maxim Memorial Station W1AW:

         Mode     Pacific    Mountain   Central     Eastern      UTC
         CW       5:00 PM    6:00 PM    7:00 PM   8:00 PM   ...

Patriot Hills Antarctica - K2ARB
Adam Brown's Blog from Latitude 80.19 South Longitude 81.16 West
QRP Amateur Radio Club International home page. Your source for QRP information and news.
Z21RU Log Online
DX Resources/Logs
On-line log for Z21RU DXpedition to Zimbabwe
50 MHz Omnidirectional antenna
Horizontal polarized omni directional 50MHz Antenna. This antenna is intented to use in a contest station as a second system beside the stacked yagi beam system. An omnidirectional systeem can be an advantage when it comes to short openings on wich the operator must react quickly.
French Polynesia
Barry, KD6XU, is currently sailing around the French Polynesia Islands, and is active as FO/KD6XU from Nuka Hiva, Fatu Hiva, and Marquesas Islands. Reports indicate that he will soon be heading to Tuamotu and the Society Islands
2022 IRTS VHF/UHF Field Day
The 2022 IRTS VHF/UHF Field Day takes place over the weekend of Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of July, from 1400 UTC Saturday until 1400 UTC Sunday
Irish Language Net
Last Monday, a new Irish language weekly net was launched on the Kippure repeater (EI2KPR) at 8pm local time. It is hoped that this will encourage the use of the language among radio amateurs
ICQPodcast - HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen 2022 preview
Colin (M6BOY) rounds up the news in brief and in the episode's feature HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen 2022 Preview
ARISS contact is scheduled with students at the Eaton Public Library , Eaton, Colorado, USA
This will be a telebridge contact via Amateur Radio allowing participants to ask their questions of Astronaut Kjell Lindgren, amateur radio call sign KO5MOS The ARISS amateur radio ground station (telebridge station) for this contact is in Hollis, New Hampshire, U.S
'It’s for anyone': Amateur radio club invites public
St George News reports Southern Utahns curious about amateur radio will get a chance to send their voices over the airwaves during this year’s amateur radio open house, known as Field Day
GNU Radio aims to improve accessibility and usability
An ARDC grant will help make GNU Radio easier to use on Windows and improve the graphical user interface GNU Radio Companion
DX Resources/Logs Search Services is created for the information support of DXpeditions and special stations. You don't need to create account unless you want to use this website for your DXpedition/station.
W2MPX Metroplex
Serves the New York City Metro Area
This log software sends current QSOs to server, receives from your server your current RDA, Locator, and RAFA, keeps real-time QSO statistics, support for working with CW macros by the COM port. It is not intended to be used as a generic ham radio logbook program, but as a companion of tnxqso service
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2220
Amateur Radio Modes, TX5N Log Online, The 2BD beam antenna for 20 meters, Learn Morse Code as a language, Iceland WebSDR, Tropospheric Propagation Forecast for EU, AnyRig A Flexible Digital Mode Interface
W4DXCC DX and Contest Convention
Hello Friends and Club Officials -- Please pass along this W4DXCC Convention announcement to your club members and friends
Ham radio to the rescue
Forks Forum reports May 23rd could have turned into an emergency, but thanks to ham radio, Joe Wright KG7JWW, other amateur radio operators, and Ted Rasmussen, it turned out just fine
Russian Robinson Club's celebration
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club's RLHA (Russian LightHouse Award) program, look for the following special event stations to be active
Jasmine and José build a radio introduces school-age kids to the Science of Radio
ARDC grant will fund publication of the book, kits for 2,240 students, and a field trip for fourth-graders
ARRL Audio News June 17, 2022

Icelandic Radio Amateurs
Amateur radio in Iceland, Ham radio in Iceland, information about Amateur Radio in Iceland
144 MHz 2m dipole for SOTA
Simple 144 MHz 2 metre dipole for mounting on a telescopic fishing pole
North Shore Radio Club to Practice Emergency Communication June 24-25
The members of the North Shore Radio Club will celebrate Field Day with hundreds of thousands of amateur radio operators all over North America on June 25th and 26th
Talk on the history of Radio Caroline
Ray Clark is giving a talk on the history of Caroline at the Southwold Arts Festival June 28th
IARUMS newsletter - Increase in unidentified intruders
IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 newsletter reports an increase in unidentified intruders in the amateur radio bands following Russia's invasion of Ukraine
ARISS Europe on HAM Radio 2022
ARISS Europe will participate in the Ham Radio 2022 (24 to 26 June 2022)
Student project enables hams to experiment in the 33 cm band
ARDC grant enables Bradley University students to develop an open-source, 915 MHz digital transceiver system
2m Lightweight Portable Dipole
Lightweight portable QRP 2m & 70cm half wave dipole for SOTA or an emergency antenna for the 2m and 70cm Go-box.
An 80 m dipole antenna for restricted spaces
You can bend the wires in a half-wave dipole so that it takes up less space, with minimal loss of efficiency.It is advisable to get the ends of the antenna as high as possible, especially if children and animals are kept in the area around the antenna, as there are very high tensions on the ends of the antenna during transmission! In Norwegian


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