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LARK Radio Club
Lake Area Amature Radio Klub The Colony, Lewisville area Radio club.
A Mobile Antenna Mount for T-Hunting
Operating Modes/Radio Direction Finding
A collection of pictures for a mobile antenna setup for T-hunting.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2225
20 / 40 Meter Short Coil Loaded Dipole Antenna, Sherwood Tools - Rigs, Price and Satisfaction Studies, CW Trainer for Morserino 32, ESP32 CW Keyer, Iambic Master, VSWR Calculator, The Timing Keyer
A radio relic
The Astronomy magazine site carries a picture of the radio telescope built in 1937 by radio amateur Grote Reber W9GFZ
WIA supporting Binar satellites
This year the Board of the WIA agreed to support the upcoming mission 2 that will see satellites: Binar-2, Binar-3 and Binar-4 be deployed from the ISS in the same way as Binar-1 into LEO
Radio seized for interfering with police transmissions
In Texas, authorities cracked down after a hand-held radio caused emergency interference with police transmissions
Young radio amateurs special event
The Young Amateurs Radio Club (YARC) will host their first annual youth-organized special event from September 1-15, 2022
Radio amateur awarded six-figure NSF grant
The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a grant of $399,211 to Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF, Ph.D., assistant professor physics and electrical engineering at The University of Scranton
ARRL Audio News August 5, 2022

Spanish DX News blog and dx info portal by EA8BRW
Homebrew an OCF Off-Center Fed Dipole Antenna
This type of antenna is a popular antenna design as the performance is very good across the HF bands and requires little or no tuning. It’s a dipole fed off center with a 4:1 balun at the offset feed point. The antenna shown covers 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters. The formula can also be used to adjust the overall length to cover more or fewer bands and the resulting overall length. 160-10m, 80-10m or 40-10 meters depending on your available space. Other bands will require a tuner.
Poldhu ARC Open Day
The Poldhu Amateur Radio Club is holding an Open Day on Saturday, the 6 August from 10am
Eruption proved continuing importance of shortwave
When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai submarine volcano exploded earlier this year, bringing down communications to and from Tonga, RNZ Pacific reverted to shortwave to reach the isolated island nation
Free PDF G3XBM Project Scrapbook
If you need inspiration for your next project you might find it in this free PDF
Connacht Amateur Radio Newsletter
The August edition of the free 25 page Connacht Radio News features articles on 3D-Printing for amateur radio and the Nano VNA
Speakers and Presentations wanted
We are adding presentations and speakers to our Expo website as they come in. So far they are great! We are still looking for additional speakers and presentations in all areas of amateur radio
ISS astronaut's favourite ham radio contact
NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren KO5MOS, who is on the International Space Station, describes his amateur radio contact with 8-year-old Isabella from Kent, UK, as his favourite so far
Miniature CI-V for Icom Radios
Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing
With some fantasy the circuit can be easily assembled on a small scrap of pre-perf board,and then fitted in the DB9 serial connector shell. The interface requires two NPN transistors and few more passive components.
ARRL Audio News July 29, 2022

The Pop-Up Vertical 2.0
Basically, this antenna is a 23-foot wire fed through a 4:1 un-un transformer. This antenna can be easily used in portable operation, for operating all bands from 40-10 meters.
Johnnie Walker to join Boom Radio to celebrate the pirates
Johnnie Walker is to host a show as part of a range of special programmes on Boom Radio on Sunday 14 August in celebration of the era of the offshore pirate stations
Austria: International Youth Day
ÖVSV reports that on International Youth Day, August 12, young people in Austria will be permitted to send a greetings message via amateur radio
QSL cards and award for receiving SWSU satellites
On July 21 ten amateur radio CubeSats built by students at the Southwestern State University were deployed from the ISS. QSL cards and a diploma are available for receiving the SSTV, APRS and Voice messages
Sangamon Valley Radio Club to sponsor radio orienteering activities
Radio orienteering, also known as amateur radio direction finding (ARDF), is an international sport in which participants use handheld directional radio receivers, a compass, a map, and radio direction finding skills to search for transmitters operating in the 2-meter and 80-meter bands
Handheld SSB transceiver for 20m
Technical Reference/QRP Projects
A mid-power portable/handheld SSB transceiver for 14MHz
Tennessee Contest Group
The Tennessee Contest Group (a.k.a. TCG) is a group of Amateur Radio operators (hams) who enjoy operating in competitive radio sporting events or contests.
Field Day Inverted L
Inverted L antenna, even if not completely freestanding, it only requires one line to be lauched into a tree to support the end of the horizontal wire. This project is done with a 31-foot Jackite pole for a support and uses six 15-foot radials and one 33-foot radial.
Radio Caroline Fundraiser
The annual Four Day Fundraiser will run on Radio Caroline and Caroline Flashback until midnight, UK time, on Monday, August 15th, and on Radio Caroline North, live from MV Ross Revenge, until closedown on Sunday, August 14th
Isle of Man
The Point of Ayre Lighthouse is an active 19th-century lighthouse, sited at the Point of Ayre at the northeastern end of the Isle of Man
NASA Administrator statement on Chinese space debris
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson released this statement regarding debris from the Chinese Long March 5B rocket
New Zealand: WLAN use in the 6 GHz Band
New Zealand has now made 5925–6425 MHz available for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) following similar action in the UK and Australia
ARISS contact is scheduled with scouts at the Swiss National Scout Jamboree in the Goms Valley, Urlichen Switzerland
The downlink frequency for this contact is 145.800 MHZ and may be heard by listeners that are within the ISS-footprint that also encompasses the relay ground station
Radio broadcasting still crucial in Sarawak
The Borneo Post reports on the importance of radio broadcasting in Sarawak
Two new bands for Canadian amateurs
RAC reports On July 28, 2022, Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) released an update to a very important document for Canadian Radio Amateurs: 'RBR-4 – Standards for the Operation of Radio Stations in the Amateur Radio Service'
CAT Interface for Yaesu FT-817 and FT-100
Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Yaesu FT-100
A Rig control CAT interface schematic suitable for both the Yaesu FT-817 and FT-100 transceivers.


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