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MIR-SAT1 to deploy from ISS
The first amateur radio CubeSat from Mauritius is expected to be deployed from the International Space Station on June 22
HexBeam Antenna Explained
A hexagonal beam is a form of the Yagi antenna which is based on parasitic principles developed early in the last century in Japan for achieving gain in one direction.How HexBeam antennas works. A hexagonal beam operates exactly like Yagi antenna, but instead of a driven element that is straight like a dipole, it is a wire bent into the shape of the letter M.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2122
The Magloop Antenna Calculator, VHQ HEX BEAM Antennas, VHF Bi-Square Beam Antenna, 50 MHz CLC antenna , Display Transplant into an Icom IC-756, ZCZ Cluster, A 222 MHz Transverter,
WA3RNC’S TR-25 and upcoming TR-45L transceiver kits
Here is a compact but powerful 2-band CW transceiver kit that uses no tiny pushbuttons, and without those seemingly endless and hard-to-remember back menus. There is a knob or a switch for every function!
Fly me to the moon
The first Bitcoin transaction using the moon was conducted in April when Brazilian researchers sent morse code radio signals to deflect off the moon down to Earth, and completed a Bitcoin transaction
Does the future of CW look like this?
Tired of trying to learn Morse code? Searching for a state-of-the-art decoder/encoder companion for your station that keeps right on working when the band gets noisy, and doubles as a portable QRP transceiver? Stop looking! It’s here!
RTÉ essential maintenance
RTÉ will carry out essential maintenance of the Long Wave (LW) transmitter in Clarkstown, Co. Meath from 15th June 2021 for two months during which period RTÉ Radio 1 will not be available on LW 252
ZS4BFN from the Franklin Game Reserve
The Franklin Game Reserve (ZSFF-0127) is located on Naval Hill in the centre of Bloemfontein and is the only game reserve to be found in the middle of a city
The Future of Amateur Radio workshop
On June 12 the IARU Region 1 Workshop on the Future of Amateur Radio continued with a session addressing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
QSO Today with Frank Kollins WA9CWX
Frank Kollins, WA9CWX, loves to operate CW from multiple operating positions, from restored vintage to the most modern rigs
ARRL Audio News - June 11, 2021
ARRL Audio News - June 11, 2021
F1NQP ARDF radio orientation
A french web'site ardf. Radio orientation, ardf france, radiogoniometrie sportive.
Practical Amateur Radio Grounding
Technical Reference/Grounding
The single point ground in the most important aspect of a good grounding system. The concept behind a single point ground is very simple, keep everything at the same ground potential. Electrical Groundl, Lightning Ground, RF Grounds
A 'tall story' from Turkey
The Çamlca TV-Radio Tower in Istanbul stands 369 meters tall, a futuristic, state of the art structure being heralded as the tallest telecommunications tower in all of Europe
Dragon ARC VHF Day
Today the 12th of June, Dragon ARC are running a special event station from Parys Mountain on the island of Anglesey in IO73. We shall be using 6, 4 and 2 metres ssb and fm
IARU in the CEPT Working Groups
IARU volunteers have been participating in the CEPT FM and SE Working Groups looking after the amateur and amateur satellite service interests. CEPT WG-SE #88 took place during April and WG-FM #99 took place at the end of May
The Termination Event
Something big may be about to happen on the sun. It's called the 'Termination Event' and it could kickstart Solar Cycle 25 into a higher gear
WIA seeks review of amateur radio exam system
The WIA wants a review of the effectiveness of the amateur service examination system in light of the lack of growth of newly licenced operators in Australia
National Hamfest 2021 cancelled
The National Hamfest had been planned to take place September 24-25 but organisers have now announced it will be postponed until September 2022
WSJT-X version 2.4.0 Now Generally Available, Version 2.5.0 on the Horizon

WSJT-X version 2.4.0 now is available in general release. According to co-developer Joe Taylor, K1JT, WSJT-X version 2.4.0 includes a new digital mode, Q65. This protocol is designed for two-way contacts over especially difficult propagation paths, including ionospheric scatter, troposcatter, rain scatter, TEP, EME, and other types of fast-fading signals.

“On paths with Doppler spread more than ...

Separate SATERN Nets Now Operational

The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) launched a new SATERN International SSB Net on June 2 on 14.325 MHz. Net sessions will take place Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11 AM Central Daylight Time, in cooperation with the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN), which has used 14.325 MHz for many years during its own activations. Just down the band, another net sporting the same SATERN ...

IARU Attends ITU Wireless Power Transmission Sessions

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) represented the Amateur Service at a recent International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recent virtual meeting on the topic of wireless power transmission (WPT), attended by some 350 delegates. ITU Working Party 1A Working Group WG1A2 was of most relevance to IARU, covering the topic of WPT. The focus is on WPT’s impact on the radio spectrum.

IARU co...

History of the Hexbeam Antennas
The original HEXBEAM was developed by Mike Traffic, N1HXA, in the early nineties. It is true that an M over W configured yagi antenna that resembled a butterfly was earlier tried successfully. But the advanced electrical design, the characteristic nesting concept and central terminal post that enable the multi band functionality along with the basic hardware design were all developed by Mike Traffie.
Area amateur radio operators to join Field Day
Ohio's licensed amateur radio operators will participate in the group’s annual Field Day on June 26-27
Sachin Jogia to join Ofcom as Chief Technology Officer
Ofcom has appointed Sachin Jogia from Amazon as its new Chief Technology Officer
D-STAR added to the ICQPODCAST Digital Bridge
The ICQPODCAST is pleased to announce that we have just added D-Star to the ICQPODCAST Digital Bridge
Kyrgyzstan radio hams get 5 MHz band
Radio amateur in Kyrgyz Republic can now use the WRC-15 allocation at 5 MHz (60m) with 100 watts output
Solar storms more likely at solar cycle peaks
The 'New Scientist' magazine reports that researchers at the University of Reading in the UK have been investigating the extremes of space weather
Ofcom clarify regional locator
I have made an enquiry with Ofcom in relation to the letter 'Z' being used for Shetland in contest call signs as it has been done traditionally in the past. I also asked wither it could be used for personal or club use
CHESS will not have an amateur payload
Two CHESS CubeSats had been planned to carry amateur radio linear transponders, however, it was announced on June 10 there will not be any amateur payload on the satellites
International Space Station to be in Cross-Band Repeater Mode for Field Day

Barrow Amateur Radio Emergency Service Club - Home
Bares was formed in 2007 to provide fellowship between amateurs and interested parties.
How to Ground an Antenna: aerial earthing
Technical Reference/Grounding
The antenna ground or earth system can be key to its operation whilst also being a key safety feature. This article is about grounding systems for antennas, covering different aspects of grounds made for antenna safety, or expressly for lightning or just to improve antenna performance, being ground an antenna component.
Bopping through the wild blue, Amateur Radio Field Day makes a connection
The Kennebunk-based New England Radio Discussion Society facilitated a talk between Sea Road School students and an International Space Station in January
Lost Cosmonaut Recordings - The Judica Cordiglia Brothers
Throughout the Space Race, amateur radio operators from all over the world attempted to eavesdrop on American and Soviet missions, creating their own equipment out of second-hand radios, used pipes, and even chicken wire. In contrast, official government equipment cost millions of dollars in construction and maintenance alone


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