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IARU Region 3 Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) Camp Set for this Fall in Thailand

St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Amateur Radio Society Reports Continued “Smart Meter” RFI

The St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Amateur Radio Society (SKNAARS) reports continued interference to St. Kitts radio amateurs from so-called power company “smart meters.” SKNAARS, an IARU member-society, took its complaint to the national telecommunications regulator last year, and the regulator issued a cease-and-desist order last October 7.

SKNAARS said this week that Saint Kitts amateur radio opera...

ARRL Opposes FCC Plan to Delete the 3.4 GHz Band

SARC - Surrey Amateur Radio Club
Fast growing Amateur Radio Club with many varied interests, Two time Canadian Field Day champions. We welcome new Amateurs and especially those wanting to become Amateurs, we have one of the best instructors in the lower mainland and 3 volunteer examiners
W7DTG That radio dude
Just my little corner of the world, one radio at a time
Eastern Washington Amateur Radio Group
Eastern washington amateur radio group
Apple MacBook interface for digital modes
Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing
How to make a custom Line In connector for apple macbook or iMac to connect your amatur radio transceiver. A simple modification of a standard USB audio interface can work.
5MContest Log Software
Russian and english contest log software for windows. The full version of the program contains all the tests and utilities.
Betelgeuse is brightening again
Call off the supernova watch. Betelgeuse is brightening again
Two SARL 40 metre contests next weekend
The first leg of the SARL 95 40 m Club Sprint takes place from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC on Saturday 29 February and the popular SARL HAMNET 40 m Simulated Emergency Contest takes place from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC on Sunday 1 March
Eclectic Tech podcast
The February 13 edition of the ARRL Eclectic Tech podcast features QO-100, the first geostationary amateur radio satellite transponder, and a discussion about the current solar cycle
Four CW contacts per day certificates
The ZS-CW group in South Africa have started a new initiative to get more people active on CW on all bands, this will get you a certificate at the end of the year
Ham radio satellite demo to STEM club
On February 22 Ruth Willet KM4LAO demonstrated Amateur Radio satellite communications to the Girls Engineering and Coding Organization (GECO) STEM club
Canvey Rally 2020 featured on BBC Essex
On Sunday, February 2, radio amateurs converged on the Cornelius Vermuyden School on Canvey Island for the 2020 Canvey Radio Rally
SOTA Flavours Challenge DV Week 1-7 March 2020
The next "Flavour" in the 2020 SOTA Challenge is the DV - Digital Voice flavour in the first week of March 2020. All SOTA QSOs completed on DMR, C4FM, D-Star or FreeDV will automatically attract scoring credit in the Challenge
EA8ATE Sergio Blog
Digital modes and information Gran Canaria
Hall of Fame - Famous Hams
Some noteable Amateur Radio Operators
Belgian Ham Exam
Belgian question pool by on1dht
DM7DS Amateurfunk & Hytera DMR Blog - VFO Codeplug for Hytera radios
DMR personal web site. Includes download links for Codeplug for Hytera AR685 PD685G, PD785G, PD785 & X1P with DMR Plus and Brandmeister support with VFO like channels. Repeater maps. In German.
Information on ham radio including qrp, radio kits, Heathkit sw-717, Realisitic DX-160 and DX-302, and more.
North Jersey hamfest
Starting the season with us. Large indoor area plus tailgating
The IOTA Bash, an annual event to raise funds for the "Island Radio Expedition Foundation" (IREF) [], is scheduled this year, March 27-28th, at AD5A’s QTH in Boerne, TX, near San Antonio, TX
South African Radio League Financial Statements
At the Council Meeting held on 7 and 8 February 2020, the SARL Council stated that an electronic vote (Rule 8.9.2) would be held
AO3MWC: Barcelona week instead of Mobile World Congress
22 February - 1 March this special event station will be on air thanks to Ràdio Club Barcelona, EA3RKB, echoing this first class international event hosted by the mobile world capital
SDR2020: the first French SDR Winter School
Don Beattie G3BJ reports more than 30 “SDR Geeks” attended the first SDR Winter School
Email addresses in Ireland
The Irish Radio Transmitters Society have issued an urgent reminder regarding email addresses following reports that holders of email addresses will shortly incur a monthly charge for the use of their email address
AMSAT files comments opposing deletion of 3.4 GHz band
AMSAT has filed comments on the Federal Communications Commission's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which proposes to delete the 3.3 - 3.5 GHz (9 cm) amateur band, including the 3.40 - 3.41 GHz amateur satellite service allocation
International all youth contesting team to compete in CQ WPX CW
Seven youth from 6 countries and 4 continents will meet this May at superstation K3LR in West Middlesex, PA and compete for 48 hours in CQ WPX CW in hopes to contend for a top finish, inspire more youth radio sport events, and ultimately bring down the average age of today’s contester
ARRL Website, Other Services to be Offline on February 28

The ARRL website and other online services will be offline on Friday, February 28, for up to 8 hours in order to conduct necessary maintenance. The outage will begin at 0500 UTC and should end by 1300 UTC. Affected will be the main ARRL website, the ARRL Store, and the ARRL contesting-related pages, including the log submission page. Logbook of The World (LoTW), email, and all ARRL Headquarters...

ARRL The American Radio Relay League
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) web site
Pacemaker and Amateur Radio
An ARRL article collection about influence of radio frequency with pacemakers and other similar medical devices.
K4KSC The Titusville Amateur Radio Club
Brevard County, Florida, USA
Sunraysia radio group

Guohe Electronics
Manufacturers/Software Defined Radio
Chinese manufacturer of Software Defined Radio for commercial, public and amateur radio market. Markers of H1 H1Plus H2 Q900 SDR transceivers
ICOM Tuner Connector
Many Icom radios e.g.7100 have a connector for automatic tuners such as the Icom AH4. The cable supplied by Icom is of a fixed length 10m and is not shielded. Icom recommends to use shielded cable for any length greater than 10m.


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