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1926- 1960 of 1989 News Items
U.S. Marines taught ham radio
U.S. Marines with Information Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MIG) participated in an Amateur Radio General Licensing Course as part of the group’s High Frequency Auxiliary Initiative on base, Jan. 27-31
QSO Today Amateur Radio Podcast Guy Lemieux - VE2BWL
Guy Lemieux, VE2BWL, built his dream contest station, including a one-hundred ten foot self supporting tower, from metal stock delivered to his barn, in a rural area of Southern Quebec, while attempting to relax in the evenings and weekends from a stressful career
Turn the bands Green for St Patrick's Day
Once again St Patrick's Day is nearly upon us. We are asking all amateurs to join in on the air and help turn the bands green for the St Patrick's Day Award
No Code International
An international organization dedicated to the global elmination of Morse testing requirements for all classes of amateur license.
TyQSL - Online Logbook
TyQSL is a modern Logbook by Hams, for Hams. A Place for other hams to take a look at your QSO statistics as well as search for QSOs in your Logbook that you made public. Just click onto your name in the Menu Bar when you are logged in to get to your public profile. Soma features includes Shows the users Valid Callsigns Look at QSO Statistics, Search Public Logbooks, Filters are avaliable to find QSOs fast Just share the Link on Social Media, QRZ, or Similar with other
UK digital listening share has increased
UK digital listening share has increased to a new record of 58.5%, increasing by 11% from 52.6% in Q4 2018
Former ARRL East Bay Section Manager, Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T - SK
Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T, of Yuma, Arizona, who served as ARRL East Bay Section Manager from 2003 until 2007, died last week. An ARRL Life Member, she was 72
WIA News Discussion Point
In this week's WIA News Geoff Emery VK4ZPP notes "the majority of people enjoying this hobby appear to be from a couple of generations ago"
RSGB Train the Trainers course in Telford, Shropshire
RSGB are running a Train the Trainers course hosted by Telford and District Amateur Radio Society (TDARS) in Telford, Shropshire - the first one of 6 organised for 2020
EMF Camp to contact the ISS via ham radio
The ARISS-UK Team have announced that the Electromagnetic Field 2020 event is to host contact with the International Space Station during the weekend of July 23-26
ARRL Audio News - February 7, 2020
ARRL Audio News - February 7, 2020
Dayton Hamvention 2020 Web Portal Opens for Tickets, Exhibit Space

Online orders for Dayton Hamvention® 2020 tickets, inside exhibit spaces, and flea market spots can now be placed online. Those who ordered online in 2019 should have their user IDs and passwords available when placing orders. Hamvention’s all-volunteer staff will work as quickly as possible to respond to orders. If you encounter difficulties, email the appropriate committee: Tickets, Inside Ex...

The March Issue of Digital QST is Now Available!

WCARS - Wright County Amateur Radio Society
The Wright County Amateur Radio Society meets monthly in the city of Buffalo and has several operating events each year including Field Day and the Heart Of The Lakes Triathlon.
S50U Danilo
You may find here some stuff concerning contesting and DX-ing.
Programming Wouxun KG-UVD1P
Wouxun KG-UVD1P Tips And Hints For Eyes-Free Operation
PA-11019 Home made stuff Blog
Homemade hamstuf, mostly homebrew antennas in Dutch
Top Loaded Vertical Antenna for 80 Meters Band
Top Loaded Vertical Antenna 3,5 MHz 80m and a 14 MHz Trap for the 20m band. The weight of this portable vertical antenna is less than 1 kg, including the ground network. The weight of the telescopic fiberglass fishing rod is another 1kg. The rod expands from 1.5 meters to 8 meters.
How to stack dissimilar yagi antennas
In this article the author provides some guidelines on how to solve a common problem when stacking different types of yagi antennas on the same mast, limiting the effects on gain and radiation pattern of both antennas
CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2020
2020 CQ WPX RTTY Contest, February 08 - 09, 2020 Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday Ends: 2359 GMT Sunday
Amateur radio can connect you with the world
Home Town Focus interviews Roger Kochevar K0HGN about his hobby of the past 63 years - Amateur Radio
AO#WRD: World Radio Day 2020
This year, the theme of the Day, February 13, is: 'Pluralism, Representation, Diversity'.
The Galileo GNSS constellation and 1296 EME operation
Bob Atkins KA1GT has documented his recent observations of interference to 1296 EME from the Galileo navigation satellites' E6 mode
Former ARRL East Bay Section Manager, Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T, SK

Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T, of Yuma, Arizona, who served as ARRL East Bay Section Manager from 2003 until 2007, died last week. An ARRL Life Member, she was 72.

The California native also held other Field Organization appointments, including Net Manager, Affiliated Club Coordinator, Assistant Section Manager, and Official Emergency Station. Connelly was also an ARRL VEC and W5YI Volunteer Examin...

Stoned Monkey VHF ARC
The Stoned Monkeys are a group of VHF contesters based in northeastern Illinois on the borders of Lake and McHenry counties.
Sun Parlour Amateur Radio Club

G7EXOs Hamradio Pages
Something for any station in any mode 600 pages of Hamradio
Warrington Radio Club
Warrington Radio Club one of the largest in the UK. Active in contests as M5T APRS g6wrc club call g0wrs.
Have you ever wondered where different modes should be operated, what frequencies to avoid as a courtesy like SSTV etc? This site offer a database for known net frequencies,known segments for different modes, known beacons
How to study for your ham radio licence
The very first thing you need to know is which exam you need to take and what you can do with different licences. A basic guide to understand what you need to to do to get your amateur radio licence
Blackout-causing 'super' solar storms happen more often than we thought
Powerful solar storms pose a great danger to our technologies here on Earth, and space weather scientists just determined that we see these storms far more often than we thought, possibly up to once every 25 years
World Radio Day: 7S6WRD active from Grimeton
Sweden's national amateur radio society SSA report on the activities at the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station to celebrate World Radio Day on February 13
High-altitude balloon photos of polar stratospheric clouds
Last month, traveled with students to the Arctic Circle to launch a series of cosmic ray balloons into the polar stratosphere. During the trip something lucky happened. Rare polar stratospheric clouds appeared over the launch site
New draft ARRL HF Bandplans
The HF Bandplanning committee has been looking at the HF digital mode segments and has issued a new draft bandplan
TyQSL - a Web based Logbook that started as little project
When i got my Ham radio License in 2018, my search for a simple and modern Logbook Solution ended without any decent result. So i started to make my own Little web Application to log my QSOs, that had Features I missed in other Solutions so far


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