Q. How to do participate in WINTERHEAT 2021?
A. To particpate, you must sign up to use the automated logging system.

Q.Can 2 Meter SSB be used to make contacts?
A. No, only FM voice is allowed for QSO credit.

Q Why is 10 Meters not included?
A. The event is organized to allow all amateur radio operators to participate. Technician Class Operators do not have privileges on 10M FM

Q. Why do we have to use the established simplex frequencies?
A. Having a pre-set list of simplex frequencies will make it easier to find other stations participating in the event.

Q. How are contacts counted/scored?
A. Contacts are based on a points system. Participants will need to use the logging system to confirm the contact. Unconfirmed contacts will be given 1 point where confirmed contacts are assigned a value of 10.

Q. I am trying to sign up but my call sign information is not appearing.
A. There is about a 24-hour delay between the logging system and the FCC license database to syncronize. If you have a new call sign or have received a vanity call sign, please allow a day for the systems to syncronize.

Q. Can our club, group or organization participate in the event using our club call sign?
A. NO, This is an individual event. Having a group of people using a club call sign would be unfair to individual operators.

Q. Which station logs the contact into the system?
A. Typically this would be the station calling CQ. It really does not matter who initially logs the QSO as long as the QSO does not get logged twice.

Q. I live along the state border, can I make contacts outside the state of Illinois?
A. YES, It was suggested after WH2020 that we allow out of state simplex contacts. For WH2021, out of state operators can also sign up and participate. This is so out of state participants can confirm QSOs for the full 10 points. So technically this has morphed into a regional event. As a follow up: The logging system does not restrict particiants based on geographical location. If you have an active FCC amateur radio license. You can participate!!

Q. Why don't you open the event up to every state?
A. Technically, the system does not prohibit anyone from signing up and participating. Marketing the event on a national scale is more work than I wish to do (maybe next year).

Q. Looking at the LEADERBOARD, some of the raw data does not add up. Why is that?
A. Due to the fact that contacts can be made with operators who have not signed up as a participant. That throws a very unknown variable into the mix. For instance. When you make a contact with a non-participant. The logging systems does not know which state that unknown person is from.

Q. When on the air trying to get contacts with other stations for the event. What is the best approach?
A. We have found that the best approach is to call out CQ on the simplex frequencies and include "WINTERHEAT" when calling. For example, "CQ CQ CQ WINTERHEAT CQ CQ Looking for contacts".


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