Winter Heat 2020
Illinois State-Wide
Simplex Event/Contest

2 Meter Propagation Map

Registered Participants: 140 Total Contacts Made: 6500
FCC Call Sign Database Update Status
Last completed on: 01-17-2020 @ 16:15



The guidelines for the next event are being developed. To see these guidelines (ideas) please see the Proposed Guidelines Page.

We encourage input from all amateur radio operators to help us make this a fun and successful event.


  For a brief overview of the event logging system please see this QUICK VIDEO produced by Ryan Runyon (KC9OZA)


Winter Heat is a month-long 2M/70cm event/contest to increase activity on the short-stick (2 Meter / 70 centimeter / 6 Meter) bands.

  • All contacts shall be via voice using the FM mode.
  • All contacts will be made on the following designated Illinois AUXCOMM Simplex Frequencies:
    • 147.525 - IL2-B
    • 147.570 - IL2-C
    • 446.400 - ILUHF-B
    • 446.700 - ILUHF-C
    • 52.540 - IL6M-X (** Not an officially designated AUXCOMM frequency **)
    • 147.555 - VHF C4FM Voice (** Not an officially designated AUXCOMM frequency **)
      • Simplex Only
    • 446.600 - UHF C4FM Voice (** Not an officially designated AUXCOMM frequency **)
      • Simplex Only
    • 145.670 - VHF - DMR (** Not an officially designated AUXCOMM frequency **)
      • Simplex Only
    • 446.500 - UHF DMR (** Not an officially designated AUXCOMM frequency **)
      • Simplex Only

  • These frequencies are used as not to tie up the traditional calling frequencies

The event will start at 00:01 CDT on January 1, 2020 and will end at 23:59 CDT on January 31, 2020.

Contacts will be logged in the over-the-web system and tallied in real time..


  • How are distances calculated?
    • Distances are calculated by using Zip Codes.
    • This may not be the most accurate way to measure distance.
    • Contacts made within the same zip code will automatically be assigned a distance of 1 mile regardless of actual distance between the two stations.

  • How do you obtain the location information for radio operators who have not signed up for the event?
    • We perform daily data dumps from the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) which pulls all license information every night around 23:00 central time.

  • Why do call signs not show up in this database as soon as they are updated in the FCC ULS Database?
    • The FCC parses its data files for public access on a daily basis. The Public Access files are compiled at various times of the day depending on the type of file. So we have to set an arbitray time to grab these files when we are 100% sure the files have been made available. That is why we start the data dumps late in the evening of the day the file is generated by the FCC. At most our database is not more than 23 hours and 59 minutes behind the FCC ULS Database.

  • Why did I NOT get a confirmation e-mail when I signed up?
    • This could be due to two reasons. If you failed to receive a confirmation e-mail first check your Junk/Spam folder to see if it may have been directed there.
    • Note to Yahoo e-mail account users. Because of the way we secure our e-mail processing, Yahoo Mail does not like the stringent security parameters we have enacted. We apoloogize for this inconvenience but we feel security takes precedence over convenience.

  • I am having trouble logging into the system. What should I do?
    • You can e-mail Jess: w9abs [at]

  • I have an idea for a future event or I want to organize an event of my own. Can a logging system such as this be set up for my event?
    • No promises, send me an e-mail and we can look into setting something up.

  • If this event is for Hams state-wide, why is it being hosted on the central Illinois website?
    • We do not have a state-wide amateur radio web site with the technical capabilities to host an event of this type. It is the tool I had available in my tool box to put this event together.

Special Thanks to the following people:

  • Joe Moore (KA9LMK) for testing and contiually breaking the system to make it function better.
  • Scott DeSantis (KB9VRW) for providing guidance and insight during the development process.

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