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Florida Hams Make Contact 100 Miles Apart via 10-Meter Repeater… in Switzerland.

When 10 meters is open, amazing things can happen. Lu Romero, W4LT, knows that well. He said, “When 10 is open, I often venture up into the top of the band to see if there is any FM activity. I’ve always liked to use 10 FM, especially when conditions are marginal to observe the Faraday phase distortion on signals. Before FT8, 10 FM was always a good way to discover where the band was propagatin...

KG7HQ Blog
Supporting Amateur Radio and other Communications interests
Kenwood TH-F6A Cable
Radio Equipment/VHF-UHF Handhelds/Kenwood TH-F6A
Build a cable to connect your PC to the Kenwood TH-F6A radio
ARRL Advocacy Win: FCC Approves Request for Pearl Harbor Day Crossband Operations

ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® sought a waiver on behalf of the activators, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted it. The waiver allows amateur radio operators to participate in a special event commemorating the 82nd annual National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

The Battleship Iowa Amateur Radio Association (BIARA), with authority from the US Navy and Sou...

Arduino QRP Transceiver: DIY Success on HF Bands
Technical Reference/Arduino
This article introduces an Arduino-based QRP CW Transceiver designed for lower HF bands. The journey begins with the Wotduino, evolving from a keyer to a multi-mode beacon. The development includes a QRP transmitter and culminates in a receiver inspired by Roy Lewallen design. The transceiver, controlled through a control bus features a signal path, modulation, filtering, and adjustable frequency settings. Despite initial testing intentions, successful QSOs on 80 and 40 meters showcase its functional capabilities.
ARRL Audio News December 1, 2023

ARRL Audio News December 1, 2023

ARRL RF Safety Committee Develops New Guidelines to Communicate RF Safety

Radio amateurs now have a new tool from ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® to help answer questions about their stations. Neighbors of amateur radio operators are sometimes concerned about transmissions and radio frequency exposure from amateur stations. The ARRL RF Safety Committee, with their international counterparts at the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), the Irish Rad...

WX1AW Active for 2023 SKYWARN™ Recognition Day

As part of the celebrations for SKYWARN™ Recognition Day (SRD) on December 2, 2023, hams will be on the air as WX1AW from the ARRL® Radio Laboratory station, W1HQ. ARRL Director of Emergency Management Josh Johnston, KE5MHV, and other amateurs plan to be on the air for several hours Saturday morning and midday. 

The event honors all SKYWARN storm spotters and amateur radio operators for their co...

RF-Quiet Solar PV for Ham Radio
Technical Reference/Radio Frequency Interference
This article discusses the potential for solar power systems to coexist harmoniously with amateur radio, challenging the notion that they are inherently incompatible. Drawing from personal experience, the author emphasizes the importance of selecting RF-quiet components, focusing on series-string Sunny Boy grid-tie inverters. The article also highlights considerations for system design and limitations based on roof orientation, shading, and array size. Overall, it presents a valuable perspective on creating a radio-friendly solar PV setup.
A Compact and Stealthy Field Portable Antenna
In the quest for an ideal field portable antenna, the author recounts experiments involving various wire configurations. While a previous candidate, a 41ft random wire, proved effective but lacked stealth, the search led to a surprising rediscovery of a design previously rejected—the Rybakov Antenna. With a focus on simplicity, rapid deployment, and multiband capability, the author explores the versatility of a 26ft Rybakov, avoiding the halfwave trap. The article delves into the antenna's performance and its potential as a discreet, resonant solution for field operations, addressing the challenges encountered during a POTA activation. Additionally, the Unun/Balun design used in conjunction with the Rybakov Antenna is discussed, providing insights into achieving a balanced system.
South Coast Massachusetts Amateur Radio Group
IC705 GoBox: A Portable Windows-Based Solution for All-Digital Modes
Technical Reference/Ham Radio Go Kits
This project details the creation of a portable GoBox housing an IC705, Windows 11 PC, and Bluetooth microphone. The robust setup, enclosed in a weatherproof Hofbauer Explorer Case, ensures stability and functionality for QRP and emergency radio activities. The aluminum-mounted devices minimize RF interference, and a built-in LifePO4 battery powers the 10.1 TFT touch LED monitor, providing approximately 12 hours of use in receive mode. With a focus on grab-and-go versatility, this GoBox stands as an efficient solution for outdoor ham radio operations.
Understanding Impacts of 75-ohm Devices in 50-ohm Systems
Technical Reference/Coax Cables and Connectors
This article explores the implications of using 75-ohm devices, common in TV setups, within 50-ohm systems. While mismatched cables and connectors may lead to minimal consequences in receive-only setups, potential losses and reduced isolation in splitters and taps are examined. The article concludes that, for general applications, inexpensive TV-type components can offer reasonable performance with some trade-offs
Enhancing Frontend Performance with Optimized Band Pass Filters
Technical Reference/Filters
This article explores the nuanced design challenges of Band Pass Filters (BPF) in radio receivers, balancing low insertion loss, high stop band rejection, and narrow bandwidth. The focus is on the "Series-Trap, Shunt-C" topology, resonator count impact, and meticulous layout design for superior stop band performance across various frequency bands
4W8X Log Online
DX Resources/Logs
4W8X DXpedition - November 2023 Timor Leste
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2344
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HW44A Log Online
DX Resources/Logs
Online Log and OQRS for H44WA DX Pedition to Solomon Islands 2023
Enhancing Icom IC-7300 RX Antenna
Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Icom IC-7300
Despite the model limitations, such as a single TXRX antenna connector, the author shares a reversible modification involving a coax relay for enhanced functionality, demonstrating the transceiver's adaptability and customization potential.
ARRL Audio News November 22, 2023

ARRL Audio News November 22, 2023

2023 Fall Section Manager Election Results


Two balloted Section Manager elections were conducted this fall. Ballots were counted on Tuesday, November 21, at ARRL Headquarters. All two-year terms of office will begin on January 1, 2024.

For Section Manager of the ARRL Alaska Section:

  • David Stevens, KL7EB (incumbent), received 105 votes

  • Jeffrey Wolf, N8EX, received 72 votes

David Stevens, KL7EB, of Anchorage, Alaska, has been declared re-el...

K8GP Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society
K8GP web site, home of the Grid Pirates Contest Group.
Yaesu FT-817 Audio Enhancement: Heathkit-inspired Homebrew Project
Technical Reference/Audio
Inspired by Heathkit, author aimed to enhance his Yaesu FT-817 with audio and RF processing. Design goals included a compact enclosure, PCB simplicity, matching jacks, a visual meter, and a built-in signal generator. Despite challenges in finding a suitable compressor IC for a 5V DC mic jack, he chose the Analog Devices SSM2165/2166 series. Prototyping with a solderless breadboard, author planned a PCB layout for its versatile performance in communication use.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2343
Aluminium Push Up Mast , Yaesu FT-710 QST Review, FT-710 Yaesu official web site, Short introduction to D-STAR, ICOM IC-7100 Review , Troubleshooting Data Mode Problems, Fix FT-757GXII blank display
Former Illinois Section Manager Tom Ciciora, KA9QPN, SK

ARRL is sad to report that Thomas "Tom" T. Ciciora, KA9QPN, of Sandwich, Illinois, has become a silent key. He was 66 years old. Ciciora served as the Section Manager of the ARRL Illinois Section from 2006 - 2017. He was an ARRL Life Member.

According to an obituary, Ciciora was active in several amateur radio clubs and had been the director of the Sandwich Emergency Management Agency.

Ciciora w...

ARRL Headquarters to Be Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23, 2023, and Friday, November 24, 2023. There will be no W1AW bulletins, code practice, or visitor operations during that time.

ARRL Headquarters will reopen at 8:00 AM Eastern Time on Monday, November 27, 2023. We wish you and yours a hap...

VU2SWX Ham Radio blog
TT's Jottings-Blog of VU2SWX, Travails of an Indian Geek
tk8500 ICOM IC-R8500 Control Software
Software/Radio Control
tk8500 is open source software designed to control and program the ICOM IC-R8500 receiver.
Build an Arduino CW Decoder
Technical Reference/Arduino/Morse Code
An Arduino-Based Solution for 5-35 WPM Signals. Explore the circuit, controls, and setup of this innovative device designed by Allen Baker (KG4JJH). Decode Morse code efficiently, providing a valuable tool for operators, from novices to veterans, and offering a hands-on experience with Arduino technology.
SKYWARN Recognition Day Is Ready to Go

The 2023 SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) is December 2 from 0000z to 2400z.

The event honors all SKYWARN storm spotters and amateur radio operators for their contributions to the National Weather Service (NWS) during severe weather. Amateur radio operators also provide vital communication to the NWS and emergency management when normal communications fail.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin...

H44WA Solomon Islands
DX Resources/DX Peditions/2023 DXpeditions
H44WA Solomon Islands November 15-29, 2023. A team of Western Washington DX Club amateur radio operators will activate Solomon Islands in November 2023.
PR0T Log Online
DX Resources/Logs
Online Log for PR0T Trinidade and Marim Vaz Islands 2023
The University of Scranton Amateur Radio Club, W3USR, Got a Facelift

With a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) for almost $200,000 and private donations of more than $20,000, the University of Scranton Amateur Radio Club in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has installed new amateur radio equipment and antennas for its station, W3USR.

The station is now located on the fifth floor of the university's Loyola Science Center and features state-of-the-art op...

A mobile radio installation
Operating Modes/Mobile
Detailing a Yaesu FT-857 and ATAS-120 installation in a 1997 Toyota Tacoma, the author used Polar Plot to map signal strength. Using a hand truck with a laptop, FT-817, and an Iron Horse antenna, they circled a chalk-outlined 100-foot diameter, revealing potential nulls towards the truck's rear and through the cab, offering insights into antenna performance.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2342
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ARRL Audio News November 17, 2023

ARRL Audio News November 17, 2023


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