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K8DAC Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association
SVARA - Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association
Portail radioamateur F6EZM
DX, webclusters, callbooks, software and hamradio links.
Stillwater Amateur Radio Club
Stillwater, OK
Measuring SWR at 1296 MHz
Technical Reference/Standing Wave Ratio
Have you been looking for an easy way to measure power or SWR at 1296 MHz? One thing is certain, it is not easy - simply because the normal range of SWR meters that most of us have is not up to 1300 MHz.
Car Power Adapter to Anderson PowerPole
Technical Reference/Coax Cables and Connectors
A useful and simple project to convert an unneeded car power cable to an Anderson PowerPole adapter.
Ham radio club can provide emergency communications
Since 1977, the Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club has been a part of Smiths Falls and surrounding regions with the home base in Smiths Falls, Ontario
Ham radio course just takes one day
The High Desert Amateur Radio Group is offering a new course that will assist you in obtaining a ham radio license in one day
New TCXO breakout board for the ADALM Pluto SDR
Oscar, DJ0MY and his 11 year old son Daniel have been busy over the past weeks designing a TCXO breakout board for the Pluto SDR
Not an everyday find: German Archaeologists came across a Russian spy radio
Not an everyday find: Archaeologists from the Rhineland Regional Council were amazed when they came across a Russian spy radio instead of Roman traces in the Hambach open-cast mine during excavations. Hidden in a large metal box
Successful 47 GHz ham radio moon bounce test
Mitsuo JA1WQF was able to successfully decode Al W5LUA’s 47088.1 MHz QRA-64D signal that was bounced off the Moon on Feb 10, 2020. More tests are planned
Free testing comes to Wilson, NC
Free testing administered by the Laurel VEC and Five County VE Team comes to Wilson, North Carolina
QARMAN and Phoenix CubeSat upcoming deployment
Several CubeSats are expected to be deployed from the International Space Station into orbit next week, among them are QARMAN and Phoenix
Municipal tax on masts and pylons
Belgium's national amateur radio society UBA reports the number of cities and municipalities that levy a tax on masts and pylons has risen sharply in recent months
US Marines Sponsor Ham Radio Licensing Course

CubeSats Set for Deployment from the ISS

Several CubeSats are scheduled to be deployed from the ISS on February 12, including Phoenix, a 3U CubeSat developed by Arizona State University (ASU) to study the effects of urban heat islands through remote infrared sensing. The ASU operations team would appreciate help from the amateur satellite community with identifying the spacecraft and verifying that it is operational following its depl...

ARRL Creates New HF Band Planning Discussion Group

ARRL has created a new HF Band Planning Discussion Group. HF Band Planning Committee Chair Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF, will moderate the group, which will focus on the ARRL HF Band Planning Committee’s recommendations and other band-planning activities. Earlier this month, the ARRL HF Band Planning Committee invited comments and suggestions from the Amateur Radio community on its report  to the ARRL ...

KP4AE Beto
KP4AE webpages with photos and information about SSTV, from puerto rico.
About my self, family & the exciting of amateur radio.
The Voice of Idaho
The Voice of Idaho Amateur Radio Club Website. News and information from Treasure Valley and surrounding area
Official W1UL Ham Cram Website
The Ham Cram method is designed to prepare you for the FCC tests in the shortest time possible giving you the highest level of confidence. It's totally free.
Feld-Hell Club
Club dedicated to the world of Hellschreiber
Radio Caroline North - February
DIY Radio Telescopes Hack Chat
Join us on Wednesday, February 12 at noon Pacific for the DIY Radio Telescopes Hack Chat with James Aguirre!
IARUMS January newsletter now available
The latest IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter is the first to be published by Peter Jost HB9CET since he took over the IARUMS Region 1 Coordinator role on January
Secret role of Beaumanor Hall
The Leicester Mercury reports on the top secret wartime listening station role of a Leicestershire mansion
Bletchley Park: Build a Radio Receiver
Bletchley Park is hosting another workshop with the RSGB on March 14 where you can build your own radio receiver
ACMA consultation on 3.4 GHz ham radio band
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is consulting on proposed changes to amateur access to the 3400-3575 MHz band to help facilitate the ACMA’s preferred planning option for the band
Florence RadioFest 2020
The Florence RadioFest is the hamfest that attracts the most part of Italian radio amateurs from central Italy, based on a large flea market, it is totally dedicated to amateur radio enthusiasts
ARRL release January Board minutes
The ARRL has released the minutes of the Board meeting held January 17-18 at which they approved the raising of the eligibility age for reduced full ARRL membership dues from 22 to 26
French look at 3-Tier CEPT ham radio structure
One of the French national amateur radio societies URC has expressed its desire for a 3 licence class structure as described in CEPT recommendations rather the the single class available at the present time
Brief Interruptions of ARRL Headquarters Systems Planned for February 13

ARRL Board Grants Awards and Recognitions

ARRL Board of Directors Re-Elects President Rick Roderick, K5UR

EA3FOW Military Radio Blog
Ham radio blog dedicated to military radio equipment by EA3FOW
IARU Region 3 Band Plan 2019
IARU Region 3 bandplan Revised 12 March 2019


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