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QSO Today- Larry Tyree N6TR
Larry Tyree, or 'Tree', as he is known in amateur radio circles, loves to operate contests, work DX on 160 meters, from his 28 hilltop acres in the Oregon forest, near Portland
Holiday City Amateur Radio Club
The Holiday City Amateur Radio Club (HCARC) invites all hams or prospective hams to join our club. We are an ARRL affiliated club and have members eager to help others to achieve licensing or to up-grade their present license privileges.
VHF Bi-Square Beam Antenna
2 Wavelength ,2 Meter Bi-Square Beam , 5dbd gain. This antennas are very cheeap to build and their radiation pattern is similar to a figure 8 with maximum signal through the loop but they may be used as a near-omnidirectional antenna
Early Morning Coffee Sprint
The Early Morning Coffee Sprint is on the air from 03:00 UTC to 05:00 UTC (05:00 to 07:00 CAT) on Wednesday 12 May with phone activity on 80 metres
Type Approval discussion on Thursday evening 13 May
The SARL will hold another discussion on how it will respond to ICASA on the draft Type Approval regulations
Howth Martello Tower on air for International Marconi Day
Tony, EI5EM operated EI0MAR during the recent International Marconi Day event, from the Martello tower in Howth, as a solo effort due to Coviod-19 restrictions
SARL Next Generation Beacon fund stands at R9 800
The crowdfunding initiative to collect funds for the SARL Next Generation Beacon Programme started by AMSAT SA, has to date collected R9 800. This is far from the R60 000 target to finance a beacon in the Karoo and the Western Cape
ICQPodcast - Does ham radio need to rebrand?
In this episode, Martin (M1MRB) is joined by Chris Howard (M0TCH), Martin Rothwell (M0SGL), Ed Durrant (DD5LP), Frank Howell (K4FMH) and Bill Barnes (WC3B) to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin (M6BOY) rounds up the news in brief and in the episode we feature Do we need to rebrand?
Unboxing the Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Kit
Computers and digital techniques have become very popular among amateur radio operators as even a cheap Raspberry Pi computer can run almost all amateur radio software. Together with an RTL-SDR USB stick a low-cost software-defined radio (SDR) system is obtained sporting a rich feature set
Neutron-1 CubeSat team needs your help
The Neutron-1 CubeSat team is looking for Amateurs around the world to help troubleshoot its satellite
InnovAntennas Ltd (IA). and WiMo Antennas and Elektronik GmbH, Herxheim Germany, enter into closer cooperation
In 2018, UK production of all short wave and a selection of FM antennas (Innov) from the UK to WiMo Antennas and Elektronik GmbH (WiMo) in Germany was moved from Great Britain. The move has proven to be successful, so both companies have agreed to extend and expand the current agreement
New amateur bands for VK highly unlikely
The WIA recently published their response to the Australian regulator's five Year Spectrum Outlook (FYSO)
Ham Radio Prep teams up with FliteTest crew for high-powered radio control video
Ham Radio Prep, the nation’s fastest growing amateur radio education program, recently partnered with FliteTest in the production of a video to promote the use of ham radio for high-powered hobby flights as well as the use of activities such as drones in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education
Halo Antenna for 50 MHz
The antenna described in this article is for 50 MHz, but the design can be scaled for any band, including VHF, UHF, or even the higher HF bands. The antenna is nothing more than a square loop of wire, approximately 30" (or ~76cm) per side. The loop is fed in the middle of one side, and the opposite side to the feed point has a gap in it.
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2117
5 Band Pipe Vertical Antenna, Moxon Beam for 2m, Simple J-Pole for the 2m band, Ham Radio: Using Repeaters, WebSDR Wismar, DARC Contest Calendar, VSPE - Free Serial Port
Receiving unintentionally radiated signals from the computer system bus with an RTL SDR
Back in 2018 we first posted about 'System Bus Radio' which is code and a web based app that allows you to transmit RF directly from your computer without any transmitting hardware
MIT Radio Society to rebuild radome thanks to ARDC grant
Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) has provided a grant to help rebuild the MIT Radio Society radome
Congress seeks to designate National Amateur Radio Operators Day
The U.S. Congress is reportedly taking steps to officially recognize the important contributions made by amateur radio operators
Amateur radio operators are still in high demand
TV broadcaster WTHI reports communication during emergencies often gets disrupted. But a technology that’s been around since the late 1800s still shines bright even in the darkest of times
Register now for Free Foundation Online Amateur Radio Training course
The next free amateur radio Foundation Online training course run by volunteers from Essex Ham starts on May 16 - Register Now
URE satellite telecommand station automated
Spain's national amateur radio society URE has announced their satellite ground station has been automated and is ready for the launch of GENESIS, EASAT-2 and Hades satellites
Jimmy and Tom 'Slay the Dragon'
Jimmy Read M0HGY (28) and his dad Tom Read M1EYP (50) can now claim to have summited every hill and mountain in Wales, following a trip in early May
ARRL Audio News - May 7, 2021
ARRL Audio News - May 7, 2021
American Radio Relay League
Everything You Need To Know About Coaxial Cable
Technical Reference/Coax Cables and Connectors
An technical page on coaxial cables that describes what coax cables are, how do coax cables works, what are RG cables and difference with several coax cable types, what they are used for, connector types and cable sizes
The Sun just hit Earth with a radio burst
New sunspot AR2822 appeared today and promptly exploded, producing one of the strongest flares of young Solar Cycle 25
Notice of WIA AGM 2021
Under normal circumstances the Annual General Meeting of the Wireless Institute of Australia is due to be held by 31 May each year. But these are extraordinary times and COVID-19 does not make holding Annual General meetings very easy
New 60 m/5 Mhz WRC-15 sub-licence now available for New Zealand
NZART is pleased to announce that negotiations with regulator RSM have been successful in obtaining a licence to allow operation for all New Zealand amateur operators to use in the 60 m (5 MHz) band using the WRC-15 allocation
Telecoms firms should go further on customer service
Ofcom has today published a review of progress made by major telecoms providers against our Fairness for Customers commitments
RSGB survey – make your views heard
Last year, through the RSGB and NHS ‘Get on the air to care’ media campaign, it is likely that over 35 million people heard news and stories about amateur radio. You now have a chance to tell the RSGB what you think should happen next
France: Amateur Radio Regulations
For those interested in the amateur radio regulations in France, the National Frequency Agency has a handy page that provides links to all relevant legal texts
EMF videos available
The RSGB YouTube channel now has two videos to help radio amateurs understand the Ofcom EMF licence changes
First-Time Exam Applicants Must Obtain FCC Registration Number before Taking Exam

Beginning May 20, 2021, all amateur examination applicants will be required to provide an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to the Volunteer Examiners (VEs) before taking an amateur exam. This is necessary due to changes the FCC has made to its licensing system.

Amateur candidates who already have an FCC license, whether for amateur radio or in another service, already have an FRN and can use the sa...

IEEE Committee Webinar “RF Exposure in the Time of Conspiracies” Set for May 12

The IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) has issued an invitation to its webinar, “RF Exposure in the Time of Conspiracies.” The 1-hour event is set to get under way at 1800 UTC on Wednesday, May 12. COMAR is a group of experts on health and safety issues related to electromagnetic fields, from power line through microwave frequency ranges. Its primary focus is on biological effects of n...

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