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Ofcom release information about VDSL interference complaints
A recent Freedom of Information request to Ofcom sought to find out information about Ofcom's handling of complaints of interference in particular that caused by the VDSL system used by internet providers like Openreach
Radio hams get ready for Field Day event
Broadcaster WBIW reports radio amateurs will be participating in Field Day weekend on June 26-27
K6K to celebrate Kamehameha Day June 11
Hawaii's Tribune-Herald reports radio amateurs will be operating special event station K6K on June 11 to celebrate Kamehameha Day
Dominica: Regulator holds consultation on new amateur radio rules
The National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (NTRC) is issuing a call for Amateur Radio Operators to participate in the consultation on the draft Amateur Radio Guidelines and Standards in Dominica
Iceland holds ham radio exam
The PTA examination for an amateur license took place in the IRA's meeting room in Skeljanes on June 5, there were five candidates
30 Years of Independence Award
The Slovenian Amateur Radio Union will celebrate the country's 30 years of Independence by issuing a special award. It will be eligible to all amateur radio enthusiasts all over the World
RS0ISS Will Transmit Slow-Scan TV Images from the ISS on June 9 – 10

43 Elements Yagi Antenna for 23cm band
An interesting presetnation full of usefull tricks to correctly design and build 23 cm Yagi using simple tools. The basic design of the antenna presented in this document is taken from the original DL6WU Yagi Design published in 1982
Canadian researchers concern about overcrowded orbits
A new report by two Canadian researchers is highlighting the growing hazard of space debris
Ofcom's Online Nation 2021 reveals a year lived online
UK adults spent more time online on desktop, smartphones or tablets in 2020 than comparable European countries according to Ofcom’s annual study into the nation’s online habits
3000km Sporadic-E opening on 144 MHz from the Azores to Germany on 3rd June 2021
John EI7GL on his Blogspot at reports that there was a remarkable opening on the 3rd of June from the Azores in the North Atlantic to Europe when CU1AA, CU1AL and CU3EQ worked paths in excess of 3,000kms into Germany
YASME Foundation supporting grants
The Board of Directors of the Yasme Foundation is pleased to announce that it has made the following grants at its May 26, 2021, board meeting
ARISS contact with school in Bombala, NSW, Australia
An ARISS educational school contact is planned for Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD with students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bombala, NSW, Australia
ARDC grant will support HAMNET expansion in Europe
Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) has awarded a grant to support European expansion of HAMNET, a high-speed digital network that interconnects automated amateur radio stations using links in the 13-, 6-, and 3-centimeter bands, the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) reports. This marks the first international grant from ARDC since it began awarding grants in 2019
RS0ISS will transmit slow-scan TV images from the ISS today
Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) plan to transmit slow-scan TV (SSTV) images on 145.800 MHz FM June 9 and 10
Pikes Peak FM Association Inc.
The Pikes Peak FM Association is a nonprofit, amateur radio VHF/UHF group which operates and maintains VHF and UHF communications facilities serving the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region.
Electronic Ionosonde to Monitor the Ionosphere
This document illustrates the processes carried out for the construction of an ionospheric sensor or ionosonde, from a universal software radio peripheral (USRP), and its programming using GNU-Radio and MATLAB.
Update on Community Radio Fund Panel
Ofcom has today announced changes to its Terms of Reference for the Community Radio Fund Panel
Sunrise solar eclipse
Dawn doesn't break like this every day
Top 10 things to know about air ambulance charities
The UK's air ambulance charities are recognised as leaders in pre-hospital care, setting the standard of excellence across the world
Kyrgyzstan latest to arrive on 60 m/5 MHz
The Union of Radio Amateurs of Kyrgyz Republic (ARUKR) announced that on 4th June 2021, the Kyrgyzstan Telecommunications Regulator made the new WRC-15 Amateur Secondary Allocation of 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz available to Kyrgyz hams at a maximum power of 100W
Marcel Mongeon, VA3DDD, and Tim Ellam, VE6SH, mominated for 'Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers'
On behalf of Radio Amateurs of Canada, I am pleased to announce that two longtime RAC members and dedicated volunteers, Marcel Mongeon, VA3DDD, and Tim Ellam, VE6SH, have been nominated for the ‘Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers’ in Canadian Lawyer magazine’s annual contest
5P2UEFA special event station
Denmark is taking part in the European Football Championship and a special event station will be on the air between the 11th of June and the 11th of July
IRTS Annual General Meeting 2022
Hotel rooms can now be booked for the 89th Irish Radio Transmitters Society’s AGM weekend, which will take place on the 9th and 10th of April 2022 in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Kilkenny Road, Carlow. The event is being hosted by The South Eastern Amateur Radio Group EI2WRC
ZS-SOTA news
Congratulations to Adele Tyler, ZS5APT who on Sunday 30 May activated ZS/KN-451 to get her 1000 SOTA points and achieve SOTA Goat status. Well done, Adele!
Aluminium-Ion battery development
The Graphene Manufacturing Group in Brisbane, Australia together with the University of Queensland have according to the GMG website developed a Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery energy storage technology that has up to three times the capacity of a lithium-ion battery and can charge up to sixty times faster
Foundation Contest Group on Facebook
A new group aims to provide a forum where Foundation licence holders interested in contesting can support each other and in turn promote contesting to new licensees to get some 'new blood' entering the contests
ISS repeater remaining on until after Field Day
The International Space Station crossband FM repeater should remain active until after the Field Day weekend of June 26-27
IRTS Examination Board update on holding of HAREC examination
The IRTS Examination Board was in discussion during the week with ComReg in relation to the holding of the next examination
6 meter portable antenna
Bring the six meters with you during your hoilidays. This article features a portable moxon antenna for 50 MHz used for sota portable operatios
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2121
Interactive Grid Square Map, Halo Antenna for 50 MHz, Short vertical for 6 meters, Everything You Need To Know About Coaxial Cable, RTL SDR with Active Antennas for HF, QSL management in the 21st Century
COVID-19 turnabout - pandemic in Japan unexpectedly revives, instead of exterminates, a dying art
Japan's Sora News reports that amidst the number of closed businesses and beleaguered industries, one has made a surprise comeback
VP8CR QSL collection
A reminder that you can view all the QSL cards to VP8CR Halley Bay Antarctica from the Les Barclay G3HTF collection
New Contest Hotel location for 2022
Attention Contesters and DXers! Contest-related activities that have previously taken place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel during the Dayton Hamvention(R) are moving to the Hope Hotel beginning in 2022
ICQPodcast - Hubs, Clubs and Virtual Meetings USA Style and Gateways On The Air Event
In this episode, Martin (M1MRB) is joined by Chris Howard (M0TCH), Martin Rothwell (M0SGL), Ed Durrant (DD5LP) and Bill Barnes (WC3B) to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin (M6BOY) rounds up the news in brief and in the episode we feature have a double feature Hubs, Clubs and Virtual Meetings USA Style and Gateways On The Air Event


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